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Wrong Waimea[edit]

This material talking about the town on Kauaʻi belongs there, in Waimea, Kauai County, Hawaii:

Imperial Russia[edit]

Also in the early 1800s the Imperial Russia was present here. In 1815 the German physician and agent of the Russian-American Company, Georg Anton Schäffer, came to Hawaiʻi to retrieve goods seized by Kaumualii, chief of Kauai island. On arrival they became involved with internal royal Hawaiʻian politics, and Kamuelaʻi planning and manipulating to reclaim his own kingdom of Kauai from Kamehameha I with the help of the Russian Empire. Kaumualii signed a "treaty" granting Tsar Alexander I protectorate. From 1817 to 1853 Fort Elizabeth, near the Waimea River, and two other Russian forts near the Hanalei River on the island were part of tsarist 'Russian America.'

Other nits with above: wrong use of diacritics, linking to state instead of Kingdom, etc. W Nowicki (talk) 18:59, 2 April 2010 (UTC)

"Waimea is the largest town in the interior of the Big Island"[edit]

Surely this should say that "Waimea has the largest area of any town in the interior of the Big Island", yes? bd2412 T 20:43, 25 November 2013 (UTC)