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hi all, I am not quite sure of the english translation of "¦«­ê". I'll try to do some research on it. But I hope someone would find an appropriate translation of the term. (0101LAMsy)

hi all my group members,

I can only find little information about Wang on the web, and I can't even find a photo of his. I may go to the library and search for more information about him. Hope that our page will have more information later. (0101CHANmw)

hello again! yes, it's difficult to find information about Wang. There is little information availabled. Anyway I find one photo of him. However, it's quite blur, and I'll try to put up here some time later. (0101LAMsy)

Hi everyone! should we divide the article into 6 sections? i mean dividing it according to the questions set. (0101TSANGlm)

Hi, guys. Yes, I agree with Tsang. We better divide our work into sections. This is definitely clearer and allows easier access to data, which is very important to nowadays' busy people. (0101WONGpl)

hihi, i do think we should divide it into 6 sections. try to search 'Ming Pao' ( which was done by last year's student ), u'll see it divided very clearly, but i don't know how can they divide it into different sections with different edit places. take a look at it. thanks!

hello! i've read 野百合花 ( his famous work ) and tried to find out the elements of journalism in it. but i have problems understanding the elements, for example, what does it mean by 'provide a forum for public criticism'. if it's only the author criticizing something, does it match this element of journalism? (0101TSANGlm)

Hi, i got his pic from a book abt him. would that be better? Anyway, i'll try to finish the book asap and try to make our page more fruitful. I know it's tough, cuz it's really hard to find his info. Anyway, add oil, groupmates~ Btw, i found a timeline of him, should we add it in? (0101LAMkp)

hihi, yes I think your pic is better than mine, as it is clearer. I'll delete mine from the page. I think the idea of a timeline is good. Perhaps you can post it out and see how the others comment on it. Should we add a category stating all his works? (0101LAMsy)

hello again, I have added two lists of the publication and translation works of Wang. However, I guess some are missing, and further research needed to be done. I think we should add the date of the work too. At this moment I have some of the dates, but miss the dates of 鬥爭, 陳老四, & 小長兒. Also, can anyone find out the english translation of <<薩芙>> , the work of Alphonse Daudet (都德)? I have spent quite long hrs searching this =_= 0101LAMsy 16:21, 11 Oct 2004 (UTC)0101LAMsy

After checking the email of JMSC, I know we are behind schedule. I think We should work harder on the topic. Add oil all classmates! ^_^ 0101LAMsy 16:23, 11 Oct 2004 (UTC)0101LAMsy

Hello, I think we should add a timeline of Wang, otherise it would be too complex for readers to know about him. Btw, I also think that we should divide his life and achievements into sessions so that our information may be more precised but not scattered around. I have just divided the sessions. just see it can be improved. Add oil, groupmates, we still have a long way to go! (0101CHANmw)

Finally I find the ways of making the content table, which makes our entry more well organized. Feel so great! I think we should sign using "0101LAMsy 11:02, 12 Oct 2004 (UTC)" follow by our signin name after the entry in the discussion page. 0101LAMsy 11:02, 12 Oct 2004 (UTC)0101LAMsy

Timeline is done. I tried my best to do the translations (some of them i still need to work on it). But once you find any mistake, feel free to make the correction. thz and add oil~ (0101LAMkp)

We now have two different versions of the original name of Wang. Should it be 思禱 or 思書?? 0101LAMsy 06:34, 14 Oct 2004 (UTC)

I checked with a book called <<梁漱溟.王實味.儲安平>>, written by 戴晴. The original name of Wang should be 叔翰. I guess there are a number of versions for the same concepts. So, there may not be a definite answer to questions. I think the most important thing we should do is to try to make our information consistent. 0101WONGpl

I tried several times and I can't fix the link error of the ISBN of the first reference book ~can anyone help? 0101LAMsy 04:57, 21 Oct 2004 (UTC)

Hi all, I hope you will all excuse the interloption of a newcomer . To be honest I don't know much about Wang , except what is written here . However I am both a native speaker of Chinese(Cantonese) and English so hopefully my edit should retain the intent and style of what was written whilst removing any irritation and sense of wrongness for native english readers . However my lack of knowledge of Wang leads me to stumble with this sentence :-

"In 1991,the Ministry of Public Security indicated the accusation of Wang."

I guess it should read

"In 1991,the Ministry of Public Security vindicated the accusation of Wang."

However if the sentence is allowed to stand , it is the accusations which are vindicated , this means that the Ministry stood by its accusations of Wang and considered the accusations to be sound and that Wang was guilty .

If accusations were found to be false then the sentence should just read .

"In 1991,the Ministry of Public Security vindicated Wang."

This means that it was Wang who was vindicated. Either way to use "vindicate" or "vindicated" in two consecutive sentences , this one and the previous one , will sow confusion . Confusion which can be solved by using something like :-

"In 1991,the Ministry of Public Security stood by its charges against Wang ."


"In 1991 Wang was rehabilitated by the Ministry of Public Security ."

Can some one tell me which one it should be ,in any case I'll do some research to see if I can find out for myself .

User Cetot ,12.42 GMT,21st August 2005

where is the connection to journalism[edit]

hey folks, you have a great deal of information about Wang and literature, but right now i see little connection between Wang and journalism -- other than "wild lillies" published in the PLA daily. what papers did he work for? write for? what other significant contribution did he make to journalism? you are running out of time. be sure to keep on editing, including reorganizing your sections on literature (JMSC0101 TA - Li) Lfcho 15:32, 19 Oct 2004 (UTC)

I deleted the text like "How well did Wang do as a journalist" etc. which seemed inappropriate. The articles on these Chinese subjects (my area) are far from a professional standard in some places. I also changed some of the sub-headings into simple bold headings; the previous hierarchy appeared unharmonious to me. --Homunculus (strange tales) 01:37, 11 March 2010 (UTC)