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This page is a overview of all gaming world championships that have taken place using WarCraft 3: Reign of Chaos or WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne.

A number of requirements have to (more or less) be fulfilled before events are added:

- They have to take place offline

- The attendance has to be of a "global" nature. Also, the event being open to all can (depending on circumstances) compensate for certain nationalities missing as the players did have a chance to participate

- The level of the particapants has to be *among* the highest of the players in a time period

- The prize money, venue, spectators, media exposure, arrangements made for players, or in other words the tournament as a whole has to be of a top tier level for its time period

Added on the day of the creation of the page by its creator were:

Individual Competitions

World Series of Videogames (2006)

International Electronic Sports Tournament (2006)

World Cyber Games (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006)

Electronic Sports World Cup (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006)

KODE5 (2006)

ProGamer League (2006)

World E-Sports Festival (2006)

World E-Sports Games: Season I, Season II, Season III, Masters (2005, 2006)

Blizzard Worldwide Invitational (2004, 2006)

China Internet Gaming (2005)

BlizzCon (2005)

CyberAthlete Professiobal League: Cannes, Summer (2003, 2005)

ACON: 4, 5 (2004, 2005)

Cyber X Gaming (2004)

Clikarena (2003)

Team Competitions

Warcraft 3 Champions League Season: IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX (2004, 2005, 2006)

NGL One season: I (2006)

Stars War: II, III (2006)

Transatlantic showdown (2006)

World Cyber Games Nations (2003)

Upcoming competitions

Battle.Net Season IV (2007)

Warcraft 3 Champions League Season X (2007)

Electronic Sports World Cup (2007)

Please discuss any new additions.

Missing are:

- Player name, Soul (Russia)

- Player name, Rainbow (South-Korea)

- Player Name, ZeeRaX (Bulgaria)

- Player Name, PaNiC (Greece)

- Player Name, Raz (United States of America)

- Host city name, clikarena (France)

Note that it is not the purpose of this article to point out the strongest players of any given period (though it might give indications). Regionalised competitions (for example, televised leagues in South-Korea) have been held in equal or higher regard as the world championships of their time.


Question: Why aren't CEG and Replay.Net's All Star Series included?

Because CEG is a regional competition and the All Star Series competition was online.

That's like saying, 'we shouldn't include WEG because its invite-only' Look at the players participating in CEG, Sky Ted xiaOt Remind Soju Moon Susiria Lucifer Sweet Zacard Lyn FoV ToD Sase. There has never been another tournament with so many big names. The only player missing here is Grubby. Besides, it says that the 4 requirements just have to be "more or less" fulfilled. If we were going to be so picky, then I could say that CPL doesn't meet the 3rd requirement since it was just ToD and DIDI bullying a bunch of Americans.

You just mentioned a bunch of players that mostly just happenen to reside in China at the time, the only requirement it fulfills is the level of particapants. The tournament as a whole was not at a top tier level and the attendance was not of a global nature, WEG is included because it invited the best players from several regions around the world and I agree that it can be argued that CPL Dallas should not be included, but including CEG lowers the bar and makes the entire article useless as it makes two dozen events more viable all of the sudden. It's just not a world championship.

CEG had the highest level of participants, was offline, and lol at "not a top tier level". That's just your opinion, and I dare you to make a poll on any forum asking whether CEG was a top tier tournament. WEG was just 2 Europeans and the rest Chinese/Koreans. PGL was just two Europeans and the rest Chinese/Koreans. CEG was just 2 Europeans and the rest Chinese/Koreans. Why should 2 of these tournaments be included and not the third? The "global" requirement is silly anyways since 90% of the top players who play this game are Asians. Seriously, if you wanna be so anal about this, then I can nitpick too: -CEG is way more prestigious than CPL, which was just ToD and DIDI raping a bunch of semipro/inactive Americans. -Why is CIG 2005 included but not CIG 2006? -Why is Star Wars II and III included but not Star Wars I? Honestly, I think its a bit childish of us, taking turns adding, deleting, adding, deleting, (etc..) those two tournaments. Isn't this wiki supposed to be the combined effort of the whole community, let's just make a poll on wcreplays or something asking whether or not CEG and ASS should be included and go by the majority vote, that's the only fair way.

The WEG Masters made a effort to invite the best two western player and more than fulfilled all other categories. Same with PGL. CEG on the other hand did not attract competitors from around the world nor made a effort to gather them, a lot of the top tier players just happened to be there. I was reffering to the fourth requirement when I said "not a top tier tournament", something of which WCR visitors would not have a clue. The global requirement is not silly, its what this article is about. It's what this article is about. If you wanna make a article about the "strongest" tournaments of WarCraft 3, make a article that does not have "world" in it.

You can nitpick, go ahead. CIG 2006 is not included because it invited a less global and less strong field than CIG 2005, Stars War I is not included because the format was very different from Stars War II and III, inviting a single Western player and not having a definable "top 4".

If you add CEG you might as well add every Korean proleague and qualifier ever played, it is speficially mentioned in this section that this article is not for the strongest tournaments of a given time but for it's world championships.

Dont keep adding a online tournament with no "global" status of any kind and than say i'm being childish.

This article stands or falls with the tournaments added and including CEG makes the entire thing useless as it by default makes a dozen more tournaments that do not have a global competition field viable.

totally biased page! why add cig (was it online?) but leave out ceg... why add wef06 and ief06 but ignore the same tours from 05?????????? i dont understand this shit, what is cyber-x-games and cpl worth? maybe worth a piece of shit? why not add WWW, which is DEFINITLY NOT korean-only, and an invite-tour like weg-m for example????

total bs-biased ranking to show that your landsman is the greatest - - !

I'd say CIG and CPL are debatable, Cyber X Games definitely was a world championship tournament. WEF and IEF in 2005 were too regional to include. WWW has to little competitors, mostly Korean ones and a biased format that favors higher rated players too strongly.

bs! ief06 was as regional as 05, china-korea! wef was the same, 06 it was 3 europeans (sase, tod, grubby) 05 it was without those europeans, this makes it "too regional"... the prize-money in thos events >cyber-x-games, cpl and this shit!

Representation of the three strongest regions versus representation of the two strongest regions, big difference. There was a 10,000$ first place finish announced for Cyber X Gaming, in January 2004 that was the second biggest amount of money put down for a international competition (WCG 2003 being bigger) at the time. CPL was not too shabby either, but I consider this event's inclusion debatable.

too bad,where grubby participates becames imediatly "international", but where koreans/chinese participate its called "too regional"... ief05 was "regional" when chinese-koreans participate, but ief06 becames international with the same participants. btw: wheres bnet season 1+2? where remind won. to me this ranking just looks like "hey look, grubby is the best of all time, moon only wins regional competitions, he is not worth mentioning" while you put international events, won by moon as an regional competition...

Where Grubby participates does not immidiatly becomes international, you don't see Samsung European Championship or Extreme Masters for example. Season 1 & 2 of Battle.Net were online.

where is e-stars, pgl, www... is it just to dangerous to list cuz a player could pass your idol grubby? —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 16:26, 5 September 2007 (UTC)