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Content removal-Directional Michigan reference[edit]

A deletion discussion recently took place on the article Directional Michigan. The result was "no consensus" In that deletion discussion, one argument was made that there were few links to the article. After the "no consenus" resolution was reached, one of the editors supporting deletion has been removing the links in the articles for Western Michigan Broncos, Eastern Michigan Eagles, and Central Michigan Chippewas as well as other articles such as Central Michigan University, using the argument of "undue weight given to directional michigan article" in the editing comments.

So here's the question (rather than get in an "edit war"): What does everyone think of this issue, and how should links to Directional Michigan be handled?

FYI-I will post this comment on each of the respective pages in the interest of gaining a "wider breadth" of discussion, but ask that we combine all comments on the Talk:Directional Michigan page.

Essay Reference: Wikipedia:Content removal may be helpful.--Paul McDonald (talk) 19:03, 31 March 2010 (UTC)


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