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Disputed species in photo. Please see Talk:Foxtail pine. -- hike395 01:56, 18 Jan 2004 (UTC)

Why don't we find UNDISPUTED photos? WormRunner 04:16, 18 Jan 2004 (UTC)
Done. Does everyone like this photo? -- hike395 06:26, 18 Jan 2004 (UTC)

Well, I haven't been involved in the articles, or the discussion, but isn't there a picture of the actual tree, vs. its cones? RickK 06:29, 18 Jan 2004 (UTC)

There are some, please see [1]. The other photos are not as photogenic, in my opinion. More importantly, I believe that most pine trees look similar from far away and the only way to distinguish them is by looking at the needles and/or cones. That's why I chose a close-up of the WWP. -- hike395

Edit to improve sort order in Category Pinus[edit]

I edited this to change the sort order on the page for the Category:Pinus. It had been set to alphabetize under Pine. That might make sense for categories where there are a lot of trees and a few of them are pines; then all the pines group together. But on the page where everything is a pine, it made more sense to alphabetize under Western White. (talk) 11:44, 14 April 2010 (UTC)Stephen Kosciesza

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There is a move discussion in progress on Talk:Whitebark Pine which affects this page. Please participate on that page and not in this talk page section. Thank you. —RMCD bot 03:29, 31 May 2013 (UTC)