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2006 SAT[edit]

The 2006 SAT was on a scale of 2400, the listing of the school average as 1220 is refering to the SAT that was administered for the last time in January 2005. The national average of all high school seniors is for the current SAT is 1518, so I doubt that the westminster population is that far behind. I have now found that the statistic of 1220 is from the website and I dont belive is for the most recent year. Whomever placed a 2006 in parenthesis should change that, it is incorrect. Jamesym 07:37, 12 October 2006 (UTC)


Whoever wrote this needs to understand that just because they're admissions officers working for Westminster, they cannot copy their brochure to wikipedia and expect it to fly Tim Wochomurka 17:00, 27 February 2007 (UTC)

I have to agree. A ground-up rewrite seems necessary. But I think this may have originally been bot-generated and edited my someone who cared enough to provide Westminster with a wiki entry but not enough to provide it with a good and independent one -- not the school's Admissions department. I'm an alumna and familiar with the school's culture, and I think you're giving its Admissions office far too much credit for sophistication. :) --7Kim 19:44, 29 April 2007 (UTC)

Okay, major changes.[edit]

Yes, I took a chainsaw to this article, and I will now explain and justify my decision to do so. Nearly all of my edits here were motivated by a desire to eliminate the bases for the Noncompliant and Advertising flags. (Disclosure: I am a Westminster School alumna, class of 1987.)

First, I removed the section "Mission and Core Values" in toto. While it might be appropriate, in certain contexts, to quote these in an encyclopedic article, it is flatly inappropriate to state them there. That belongs on the School's official website; since the Wikipedia article links directly to that website, stating mission and core values here would be unnecessary even if it were appropriate.

Second, I removed the one-sentence paragraph: Mr. Cushing’s formula for education was endorsed by many in the emerging influential American families, who sent their sons to Westminster, including John Hay, Advisor to Abraham Lincoln and Secretary of State to Presidents William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt for the reason that it has no relevance in an encyclopedic article. Attempting to cast the doubly and triply-reflected glory of Victorian-era U.S. presidents on an institution in the present day is not even in spyglass range of NPOV behaviour, and smacks of advertising.

Third, I edited

Williams Hill, the site of the school, offered more than 230 acres, with commanding views of the Farmington River. The Simsbury location also provided train service for students to New York and Boston, a boon to families from those areas.


Williams Hill, the site of the school, was chosen for its more than 230 acres, its view of the Farmington River, and availability of train service to New York and Boston.

in order to bring the tone closer to NPOV and tighten up choppy and awkward sentences.

Fourth, regarding the paragraph

Mr. Cushing remained as headmaster until his death in 1921. Along with his educational philosophy, he also left the school its inspiring motto. The Cushing family coat of arms bears the Latin motto Virtute et Numine (“by human righteousness and Divine grace”) which translated literally as “Grit and Grace,”

I made the following changes:

  • Removed the word "inspiring" as needlessly POV;
  • Removed the commentary about the Cushing family coat of arms as irrelevant;
  • corrected the Latin translation -- virtute translates literally as "by virtue", not as "by righteousness" or especially "by grit"; and the "human" and "divine" specifiers are glosses that do not exist in the original Latin.

Fifth, I removed the subsection Career and Service (... Westminster graduates have gone on to achieve eminent positions in industry, the military, government, social services, the arts, and athletics, thanks to the outstanding teachers and headmasters who followed in the tradition of William Cushing’s teaching ideals of “performing daily tasks cheerfully, fostering an ambition to learn lessons well, playing fair in sports, being clean in thought and word, and cleaving to that which is good.”) as blatant advertising copy. Again, this belongs on the school's website, not its Wikipedia entry. And again, it may be appropriate to quote it here, but it is not appropriate to state it here.

Sixth, I removed Headmaster Cole's commentary on the Edge bequest for a reason that should now be familiar to you, Gentle Reader: it belongs on the school's website, not its Wikipedia entry. Wikipedia is not Headmaster Cole's podium.

Finally, I added a (hopefully) NPOV introductory paragraph.

A lot has been sliced out of this article, but I really do believe that it all needed to go. This is not an end; it is a beginning. There is a lot more that can be said abut Westminster School that is to its credit and can be said in NPOV (for example, Centennial Theatre and its artistic services to the community, the Gothic chapel and ice rink, notable alumni/ae, and the School's efforts to provide educational access to students traditionally shut out of college-preparatory education), but that can and will be addressed over time, now that the most obvious non-encyclopedic content has been excised.

I don't mind if that material is added by Westminster School officials, faculty, alumni/ae, or students -- in fact I invite and urge people intimately connected with the school to add that material. Who else knows the school and its history best? But it must be presented in NPOV, with an encyclopedic distance from the subject. School employees or faculty are urged, if they have not already done so, to become familiar with Wikipedia guidelines.

Do others now feel that the Advertising and/or Noncompliant flags can be removed? If not, what more needs to be done to justify removing them?

--7Kim 21:25, 29 April 2007 (UTC)


Hi, any photos of the school that we could share here available? -- Cheers Horst-schlaemma (talk) 15:33, 5 April 2014 (UTC)

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