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"Whistler Creekside"[edit]

There is no series of articles on Whistler neighbourhoods or a List of neighbourhoods in Whistler, British Columbia; perhaps I should start one, given the high profile of the resort in the next two years; Wikipedia isn't supposed to be a travel guide but most larger BC towns now have neighbourhood lists and many have subarticles. I've noted "Whistler Creekside" before in the 2010 Winter Olympics article, where it was the "pipe" for Whistler Blackcomb, though the pipe used the hyphenated form (the official corporate form doesn't have the hyphen; the Pique and Question, Whistler's two news outlets, use "W/B" to refer to the resort operation/corporate entity. I un-piped it and added "Whistler Mountain only" in brackets - must have been in the see alsos, or a list of venues. "Whistler Creekside" is the nouveau re-branding for what we used to call "Southside" or "Gondola", as it was the base of the old, original Gondola and is the south side of the mountain; "the Creekside" meant the hotel and restaurant across from the Shell station at the north exit from the Gondola parking lot, now a new mini-village/mall complex (I haven't been there since it was completed), whiel "the Southside" was a reference to Cal's cafe/deli by the Husky station....this is the old, original base for Whistler Mountain and also the terminus of the downhill run....I'm unsure if all the alpine events can be stated as being held "at Whistler Creekside" because I have no idea where the slalom, moguls or aerial events would be held as it's just not that kind of terrain and, um, it's unlikely to have enough snow at the bottom (it's hard enough to make snow for the downhill sometimes...). So while "Whistler Creekside" does indeed seem to be a phrasing used in press releases i.e. in the citations, it's a fairly misleading term and, well, really only refers to the parking-lot-cum-shopping/aprea/hotel complex now at that an article Whistler Creekside would be about the complex, not about that face of the mountain....this isn't the subject of this article but it does need addressing in the main venues articles, and maybe there should be a 2010 Winter Olympics venues in Whistler sub/group article linkign all the Whistler sites together. I think as far as the alpine events go, site/run-specific descriptions are needed - "Whistler Creekside" simply will not do. If moguls are in Harmony Bowl, it should say that, if aerials are on Blackcomb (as such events have been in the past), that should be clearly stated, wherever the snowboarding half-pipe is likewise; maybe aerials are including with jumping at the Nordic events facility, the Whistler Olympic Park, I'm unclear on what's defined as far as this village article goes, by the "20 minutes south" and "6 km from the cutoff to Whistler Olympic Park goes", that sounds like it would be what we used to call Function Junction, where the BCR track-crossing is at the old entrance to the municipality, before its expansion southwards and to include the Callaghan; no doubt the marketing people have wiped the name "Function Junction" off the map, it was always an "out of sight out of mind" area for all the stuff unwatd in the village - industrial, warehousing, the garbage dump etc (the new garbage dump, that is, the old one being where Whistler Village is now...)...I don't think of it as 20 min south of Creekside though in heavy traffic I guess it would be; unless it's down by Pinecrest/Black Tusk Estates? Guess I better look at the planning maps....speaking of which a local map of Whistler, with the main Olympic sites, all marked, seems de rigeur for all articles concerned, I'll poll around for someone to make it...Skookum1 (talk) 01:57, 8 January 2009 (UTC)

Notes on reqmap[edit]

What's needed here is not a BC-wide location map, which would be pointless, but a regional map of the Whistler and Callaghan and upper Cheakamus Valleys showing all the venues and Whistler's main road network and major neighbourhoods.....Skookum1 (talk) 01:59, 8 January 2009 (UTC)