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I made a Collage for this article,the people in the collage are limited to pics at the commons and sources which are very difficult to come by the only thing i really paid attention to is making it almost even with gender because of these limitations —Preceding unsigned comment added by Wikiscribe (talkcontribs) 02:47, 19 February 2010


Juan Bandini Alexis Bledel and Andy Garcia Pitbull Bob Martinez Christy Turlinton Sabrina Bryan Linda Ronstadt Ted Willaims Anita Page Madeleine Stowe Jerry Garcia Alexa Vega Martin Sheen David Farragut

and of course the ones that were already there Cameron Diaz

Rita Hayworth[1] · Christina Aguilera[2] · Kenny Florian[3] · Daphne Zuniga[4] · Romualdo Pacheco[5] · Raquel Welch[6] · Michael Lopez-Alegria[7] Cameron Diaz Ricky Martin Salma Hayek

Bob Martinez Christy Turlinton Sabrina Bryan Linda Ronstadt Ted Willaims Anita Page Madeleine Stowe Jerry Garcia Alexa Vega Martin Sheen David Farragut

and of course the ones that were already there Cameron Diaz

Rita Hayworthf>· Christina Aguilera[8] · Kenny Florian[9] · Daphne Zuniga[10] · Romualdo Pacheco[11] · Raquel Welch[12] · Michael Lopez-Alegria[13] Cameron Diaz

saying "White Hispanic" is an Oxymoron + Change the title[edit]

Who says "White Anglo"???... yeah that's what I thought. The word Hispanic itself is White by default hence why the Hispanics that marked the "'Some other race' category are reclassified as white by the Census Bureau in its official estimates of race" as stated in the article. I think the title should read "Hispanic & Latin American Whites" cause that's how "Non-Hispanic Whites" would read out in that order. -- (talk) 00:28, 12 April 2014 (UTC)

AFAIK, "Hispanic" and "Latino" are about culture and where you, and your relatives were born. It is NOT about race. So you can be of English ancestry and Latino if you were born in Chile, for example. "Other" hispanics are not listed as white in the Census. If you are clearly mestizo, and you willfully report that on the census form, you would put yourself down at latino/hispanic and "other" for race. — Preceding unsigned comment added by FusiliJerry (talkcontribs) 13:21, 5 December 2015 (UTC)

Sentence Confusion[edit]

The following 2 sentences in the 4th paragraph (quoted below) can be interpreted in several ways. "As of 2010, 50.5 million or 16.3% of Americans identified as Hispanic or Latino.[15] Of those, 26.7 million, or 53%, also identified as White." However, I think what the author was trying to say is "...16.3% Americans identified [themselves] as Hispanic...". If not, I would like it updated in order to understand what were the author's intended statements. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 07:09, 8 November 2014 (UTC)

Puerto Rican, Mexican Americans and Colombian Americans infobox image representation[edit]

The two largest Hispanic groups (Mex-Americans, Puerto Ricans) are heavily underrepresented in the infobox images. For example, Mexican Americans comprise 64% of all Hispanics in the U.S. with half of them claiming white ancestry yet there are only two Mexican Americans out of the 24 images, while there are five Argentinian Americans and seven Spanish Americans represented. There is also only one Puerto Rican American in the infobox. Keep in mind that the latest U.S. Census shows that there are just under 32 million Americans that claim Mexican descent and 4.7 million Puerto Rican while there are only 635,000 Spanish-Americans and 224,000 Argentine-Americans. This clearly shows a Spanish, Argentinian POV. If you are looking for a list of Mexican Americans of European descent here it is: Linda Ronstadt, Ted Williams, Louis C.K., Sara Paxton, Ricardo Montalban (Spanish ancestry), Nora Volkow, Camila Cabello, Jorge Ramos, Kat Von D., Eva Longoria, Hector Barreto, Joan Baez, Lauro Cavazos, Dana Gioia, Gilbert Roland, Catherine Bach, Carlos Bocanegra. White Puerto Ricans include: Jose Ferrer, Ana Ortiz, Samuel Ramirez, Horacio Rivero, Jr., Victoria Justice, Joseph M. Acaba, Jon Seda, Geraldo Rivera, Maurice Ferre, Gloria Tristani. The infobox needs to show a more equitable representation of all Hispanics (Mex-Americans, Puerto Ricans, Colombian-Americans, Venezuelan-Americans) and not just one particular group (Spanish American).

B575 04:25, 6 December 2015 (UTC)

"Marriage trends" bias.[edit]

Why is there no information regarding Hispanic white women marrying non-Hispanic?

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