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BOTH a References AND Notes section?[edit]

Yes, it is necessary to have both a References and Notes section. This article uses inline citations. In WP:Citing Sources, whether using embedded links, Harvard referencing or footnotes, "A full citation is also required in a References section at the end of the article." Only in rare cases (such as when there are very few citations used, or when very few citations are used repeatedly), would a complete citation be used in a "Notes" section and a "References" section omitted. Some examples of this rare case are My Lucky Star (novel).

WP:Citing Sources asks that contributors put additional print references in a "For Further Reading" section. Not all contributors do so, however. Some lump them in with the "References" section (especially if they are few in number).

But the answer is: Yes, a References and Notes section are both needed, because one provides a short citation and the other a complete citation. - Tim1965 21:27, 30 October 2007 (UTC)