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"Long Island" section needs rewrite[edit]

The section under the heading "Long Island" has some serious syntactical problems and needs a rewrite. Here I've inserted what I *think* may be the missing words and punctuation (enclosed in brackets), and I've struck-through words that I think should go: "On 22 April 1636 Charles [was] told that the Plymouth Colony[,] which had laid claim to the Long Island but had not settled it[,] [was giving] the island to Alexander. Through his agent James Farret (who personally received Shelter Island and Robins Island) in turn [Alexander] sold most of the eastern island to the New Haven Colony and Connecticut Colony [Colonies]. Farret arrived in New Amsterdam in 1637 to present his claim of English sovereignty and [but] was arrested and sent to prison in Holland[,] where [from which] he [later] escaped. In 1640 [the] English attempted to settle at Cow Bay at what today is Port Washington, New York but. [The settlers] were arrested and [but were] released after saying they were mistaken about the title [no freakin' idea!]" Any help with the re-write would be appreciated! Bricology (talk) 05:50, 18 October 2013 (UTC)