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Other info[edit]

Other info I found but haven't incorporated yet:

  • Name: William Mahone
  • State Served: Virginia
  • Highest Rank: Major-Gen
  • Birth Date: 1826
  • Death Date: 1895
  • Birth Place: Southhampton County, Virginia
  • Army: Confederacy
  • Promotions: Promoted to Full Colonel (6th VA Inf)
  • Promoted to Full Brig-Gen
  • Promoted to Full Major-Gen (Temporary Rank (declined))
  • Promoted to Full Major-Gen
  • Colonel, Sixth Virginia Regiment Infantry, , 1861.
  • Brigadier general, P. A. C. S., November 16, 1861.
  • Major general, P. A. C. S. (temporary rank), June 1, 1864; declined.
  • Major general, P. A. C. S., July 30,1864.

Died at Washington, D. C., October 8, 1895.


Brigade composed of the Third Alabama, the Sixth, Twelfth, Sixteenth and Forty-first Virginia, and Second (afterward the Twelfth) North Carolina Regiments Infantry, Anderson's Division, A. P. Hill's Corps, Army of Northern Virginia.

Division composed of Wright's Georgia, Weisiger's Virginia, Saunder's Alabama, Harris' Mississippi and Finegan's Florida Brigades, Army of Northern Virginia, 1864-1865.

Source: Hall, Charles B. Military Records of General Officers of the Confederate States of America. Austin, Texas: The Steck Company, 1963.


At least one source I have read incorrectly states that he was a Senator when he had the stroke on October 1895. He was not reelected after his first term, but was in Washington when he had the stroke and died a week later.

I am researching the middle name, although the letter T is well-documented. Vaoverland 04:17, Jan 31, 2005 (UTC)

William Mahone references[edit]

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Census references[edit]

  • 1860; Age in 1860: 33; Birthplace: Virginia; Home in 1860: Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia; Post Office: Norfolk; Roll: M653_1366; Page: 529; Other members of household: Otelia Mahone (age 22), William Mahone (age 3), Butler Mahone (age 1), Otelia Mahone (age 5/12), Susan Voinard (age 63)
  • 1870; Age in 1870: 43; Birthplace: Virginia; Home in 1870: Lynchburg Lynch Ward, Lynchburg (Independent City), Virginia; Post Office: Lynchburg; Roll: M593_1638; Page: 530; Other members of househould: A L Mahone (age 8), Butler Mahone (age 9), Otelia Mahone (age 34), Otelice Mahone (age 1), William Mahone (age 15)
  • 1880; Census Place: Petersburg, Dinwiddie, Virginia; Roll: T9_1363; Family History Film: 1255363; Page: 395B; Enumeration District: 95; Other members of household: Otelia, William, Butler, Otelia.

Other entries[edit]

MAHONE, WILLIAM, civil engineer, soldier, legislator, United States senator, was born Dec. 1, 1826, in Monroe, Va. In his youth he taught school and then became a civil engineer on the surveys of the Orange and Alexandria railroads. He subsequently built the Fredericksburg Plank road; then was chief engineer of the Norfolk and Petersburg railroad; and became its president. He served as quartermaster in the confederate army, and became major-general. In 1881 he entered the United States senate, and served a full term for six years. It was through his policy that the free school system of his state was rehabilitated; the whipping post abolished; the prerequisite to suffrage removed; a colored normal school and a colored asylum were erected; and the state expenses reduced.

Source: Herringshaw, Thomas William. Herringshaw's Encyclopedia of American Biography of the Nineteenth Century, Chicago, IL: American Publishers' Association, 1902, page 611.

MAHONE, William, a Senator from Virginia; born in Southampton County, Va., December 1, 1826; was graduated from the Virginia Military Institute at Lexington in 1847; taught two years at the Rappahannock Military Academy; became a civil engineer and constructor of the Norfolk & Petersburg Railroad; participated in the Civil War and took part in the capture of Norfolk Navy Yard; raised and commanded the Sixth Virginia Regiment; was engaged in most of the battles of the Peninsular campaign, those on the Rappahannock, and those around Petersburg; was commissioned brigadier general and major general in 1864 and afterward commanded a corps in Hill's division; at the close of the Civil War returned to railroad engineering, and later became president of a trunk line from Norfolk into Tennessee; served in the State senate 1863-1865; elected to the United States Senate as a Readjuster and served from March 4, 1881, until March 3, 1887; unsuccessful candidate for reelection in 1887; died in Washington, D.C., October 8, 1895; interment in Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg, Dinwiddie County, Va.

Source: Biographical Directory of the American Congress, 1774-1949, page 1494

MAHONE, William, senator, was born in Southampton county, Va., Dec. 1, 1826; son of Feilding and Martha (Drew) Mahone. He was graduated at the Virginia Military institute in 1847, became a teacher and subsequently a civil engineer, and was constructor of the Norfolk and Petersburg railroad. He joined the Virginia state troops and took part in the capture of the Norfolk navy yard in April, 1861. He raised the 6th Virginia regiment, was appointed its colonel, was promoted to the command of the 2d brigade, Huger's division, Magruder's command, and took a conspicuous part in the battles of Seven Pines and Malvern Hill. In the Chancellorsville campaign he commanded the 3d brigade, R.H. Anderson's division, 1st corps, Army of Northern Virginia, and he took part in the battle of Petersburg, July 1-3, 1863. At Spottsylvania he commanded Anderson's division, when that officer assumed command of Hill's corps, and he drove Hancock back across the river. At North Anna he drove Warren back, and on the Welden road he again opposed Warren, and his division formed the rear of Longstreet's corps previous to the surrender of Lee. He was promoted major-general in August, 1864. After the surrender he became interested in railroad engineering and was elected president of the Norfolk and Tennessee railroad, which he rebuilt. In 1878 he advocate the nomination of G. C. Walker for governor of Virginia before the Democratic state convention. After the election his views on the question of the payment of the public debt did not meet the approval of the Democratic party, and he organized and became a prominent leader of the Readjuster party, which favored the partial repudiation of the state debt, and secured the control of the state legislature. In 1880 he was elected U.S. senator for the term expiring March 3, 1887, and in the senate acted with the Republican party. He was defeated for re-election in 1886 by J. W. Daniel. He died in Washington, D.C., Oct. 8, 1895.

Source: The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans: Volume VII

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Political affiliation[edit]

We don't need a category for this, but I was curious if anyone knew whether or not he was one of the (if not the only) former general officer in the Confederacy to turn to politics as a Republican - likely as a result of the whole Readjuster party outcome. Worth adding to the article if my assumption is correct, but if an expert knows that'd be great. Old64mb 07:14, 13 June 2007 (UTC)

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