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Mentions of Jupiter:

Microsoft never officially confirmed Jupiter being a code name for the XAML framework in Windows 8/Windows Runtime. The only confirmation I saw was the post from Jerry Nixon, but that does not mean it was ever the actual name of the framework. Different sources talked about Jupiter being the actual Windows Runtime, DirectUI or something related to IE 10's rendering engine. The JupiterWindowClass, JupiterHost, JupiterNative or EnableJupiterCachedComposition references in an early leaked build of Windows 8 might indicate Jupiter being any Windows Runtime-based "Metro style app" or just a full-screen frame in which one is hosted. In the lack of the better name for the youngest member in the WPF and Silverlight family than just XAML - I think Jupiter sounds good. It also fits Apollo (Windows Phone 8) as the Silverlight team was largely divided into two parts - one working on Windows Phone and another one on the full Windows. Apollo being Windows Phone's version of the new XAML platform and Jupiter being Windows 8's version just makes a lot of sense.

Please don't write nonsense about what is a successor or not.[edit]

I know Microsoft is confusing but they did not phase out WPF for this.As of Windows 10 included it is still the premiere framework for purely desktop Windows applications. The fact the store apps frameworks change did not negate that.-- (talk) 17:28, 3 February 2017 (UTC)