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I am preparing a course on Cultural Documentation, prepared for undergraduate student. The objective are, After completing the course, student should be able to: (1) Conceptually undestand the essence of cultural documentation and its impotance to cultural studies, (2) Undertand and master the technuqies of documenting cultural objects (visually, audially, and audiovisually), (3) Capable to concept, plan, implement, and manage a cultural documentating project. Whatever readers know about my ideas partially and or generally or comprehensively please share to me your knowledges, experiences, and advises.


World Heritage Marine Programme ?[edit]

What is the connection between World Heritage Committee and World Heritage Marine Programme? I think its many more better the part for "World Heritage Marine Programme" to be some in another article like World Heritage Site or Wonders of the World or Table of World Heritage Sites by country but here is without logic. --Николов (talk) 11:28, 26 February 2011 (UTC)