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The following is a rough partial translation of the commentary of the Chinese narrator of the video clip of the 1954 contest, with time stamp:

[00:00] "...and his grand disciple is Yeung Ching Po. Sifu Tung Ying Kit here is Yeung Ting Po's disciple.

Wu Family tai chi chuan was founded by Grandmaster Wu Chuan You. His son was Wu Chien Chuan. One of the fighters tonight, Wu Kung Yi, is the {direct descendent?} of Wu Chien Chuan.

[00:19] Well, it looks like the preliminaries have finished and the exciting match is about to begin.

[00:26] Now, here comes the Tai Chi school's Sifu Wu Kung Yi followed by the White Crane school's Sifu Chen Ke Fu.

[00:36] Sifu Chen's dressed like a western boxer while Sifu Wu's is wearing traditional chinese clothing. This difference in attire makes the competition look like a match between chinese kung-fu and western boxing.

[00:49] It looks like on reaching the ring, Sifu Wu wants to start fighting right away. The referee is telling him not to hurry and to sit down and rest first.

[00:56] About this competition: Sifu Wu and Sifu Chen are not fighting because of any personal grudge, but for donations to Hong Kong's charities. This will be a no-holds-barred fight with each participant having already waived their rights to claim any compensation due to injury or death.

[01:16] Eh? Sifu Wu is complaining about the glare. So, the organisers have asked that the white cloth that covers the ring ropes be removed.

[01:24] During the match, we will be recording from 3 different camera angles so that you, the viewers, will be able to analyse the fight.

[01:33] (Round 1, Camera 1)

[01:41] The competition has finally begun. This is round one. We'll first see what's happening from camera #1.

[01:48] Sifu Wu and Sifu Chen are {sizing each other up?}.

[01:56] Wow! Sifu Wu used Tai Chi's {technique?} to land the first blow on Sifu Chen!

[02:04] That punch was incredible! Sifu Chen almost knocked Sifu Wu out of the ring! Lucky for him, he was able to recover quickly. The referee has asked both sides to stop for a minute and catch their breath before fighting again.

[02:23] Here, both look as though they traded punches with neither side gaining advantage.

[02:30] (Round 1, Camera 2)

[02:33] This is from camera #2. We can clearly see how Sifu Wu landed his punch on Sifu Chen and how Sifu Chen nearly knocked Sifu Wu out of the ring with one punch.

[02:57] (Round 1, Camera 3)

[03:01] This is from camera #3. Because it has slow-motion, we can all see this in greater detail. We can see the White Crane's {technique?} pressing forward the attack only to be warded off by Tai Chi's {technique?}.

[03:21] Now everyone, notice the tai-chi empty left hand pushes forward and goes into the left bow-and-arrow stance. At the same time, Sifu Chen uses a left hook-fist that hooks Sifu Wu's head, nearly knocking him out of the ring. Luckily, Sifu Wu was able to recover quickly and {ready himself to block further attacks?}.

[03:38] Looks like the referee has called for a time out.

[03:41] This is so that both sides can recover themselves before continuing the match. Now we can see Chen Ke-Fu wiping his nose, it looks like it's bleeding.

[03:52] Restarting the match, both fight as ferociously as before."

--Fire Star 07:43, 13 January 2006 (UTC)