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Archived talk[edit]

  • /Archive 0: February 28 2006-May 1 2006. Xeni's name history discussion
  • /Archive 1: March 27 2006-September 2009. Discussion of relevancy and strawpoll on including link.
  • /Archive 2: February 28-May 1 2006, November-December 2005. Confirmation of birthplace and family, Career, Xeni Jardin has editted her entry
  • /Archive 3: April 7 2006 - April 25 2006. inactive criticism and criticism redux.
  • /Archive 4: May 1 2006 - May 17 2006. Birth year. Criticism discussion and RfC that led to the second consensus.

Later comment on consensus summary[edit]

your "concensus" has created a reference-heavy, almost misleading article. i'll try to fix it up. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Jjlira (talkcontribs) . June 7, 2006

Broken link target[edit]

somebody retargeted the 8th source (lat article, something about google) with the link that edits the article on xeni, can somebody who knows what they're doing fix this please