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Good idea to include overland transport though it is a topic which will take only several sentences at best without becoming an ad for overland shippers. I plan to do this as soon as able. Another area of potential interest might be the security issues of shipping private yachts as they do not always get the same scutiny as RORO shipping.NPA8640 (talk) 17:26, 20 April 2010 (UTC)NPA8640

Keeping article[edit]

(paraphrased from my talk page)

Recently, an anon IP (correctly) removed all the external links as commercial spam. [1]. User NPA8640, who created the article, then removed the prod tag.

So now the article has no commercial links, and mentions no company or person. It's not WP:SPAM, now.

The topic will be of academic interest to most readers. (Presumably yacht owners are aware of transport options.) So it's on that academic basis that it should be assessed. In the best of all worlds this article would be a part of a series about methods of shipping cargo by ship. Unfortunately Wikipedia coverage of shipping is spotty. There are editors who write shipping articles who do not have a broad background in either the history of shipping, or in the commercial aspect of shipping. (The history student who added an entire huge section in cruise ship and then departed Wiki forever after her assignment comes to mind [2].) The Yacht Transport article, largely written by NPA8640, is in the opposite class: It's technical, articulate, and well-informed. The cruise ship article, after much work, is finally getting to that stage. The quality of this article outweighs the somewhat obscure topic. Alpha Ralpha Boulevard (talk) 14:31, 28 August 2009 (UTC)

(paraphrased from his response page) The article isn't about yacht transport, it's about watercraft transport. It's poorly assembled and missing the most common transportation mode, tractor-trailer. Maybe it just needs severe editing and additions, but considering its origin it doesn't seem informative on its own and feels like a brochure for a yacht transportation company. (from Eli lilly)

Yep. We discussed this at some length on my page. Maybe the thing to do is to expand the article to include overland transportation? And change the article name, as you suggested? (And...are there other ways of "transporting" yachts? For example, in tow?) Alpha Ralpha Boulevard (talk) 01:36, 29 August 2009 (UTC)
This site seems to have a wealth of information on land transport. Anyone care to paraphrase? Alpha Ralpha Boulevard (talk) 09:38, 2 September 2009 (UTC)