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Zui Quan or Zuiquan[edit]

Shouldn't this article spell zuiquan as a single word as is commonly done? This is considered standard for most styles like tanglangquan, heihuquan, etc. Morinae (talk) 05:48, 9 August 2013 (UTC)

Yeah, it seems a little odd to me, but a quick Google shows that most results are for 'Zui Quan' rather than 'Zuiquan', though Google seems to automatically convert to having a space, so may be biased. Bing shows more for results for 'Zui Quan' than 'Zuiquan', so it may just be that this is an exception to the general rule. If you can find good sources to show that the space is a common 'mistake', though, then by all means be bold and correct the page. — Sasuke Sarutobi (talk) 19:42, 9 August 2013 (UTC)
I'd say the bad habit of monosyllabizing all Chinese terms is more of an online trend. Besides, many of those online sources look to the wikipedia as the standard and are therefore simply imitating what they see here. In my experience, more reliable sources prefer the "zuiquan" spelling, and even that is second to English translations like "drunken boxing" or "drunken fist". I do have sources to back up this spelling, so I'll just go ahead with the move. Morinae (talk) 13:32, 25 October 2014 (UTC)
you have done 2 changes, which none is scholarly acceptable:
1. Zui quan or Zuiquan: Wikipedia, should follow the standard pinyin method, which is 'zui quan'. description: some Chinese words when combined give a new meaning, like 'Shaolin' (shao+lin), which is now a proper name, 'luohan' (luo+han), which means enlightened, and 'tanglang' (tang+lang), which means mantis, etc. these words are better to be spelled without space. there are also words like 'mei hua', which means plum blossom, which can be both written with or without the space. in case of zui quan, 'zui,' which means drunken, is a stand-alone word and is complete by itself, and so is 'quan,' which means kung fu style. these are stand-alone words and the correct spell here is 'Zui quan.'
2. kung fu or martial art: you have changed the word kung fu to 'martial art' or 'fighting art' in whole the article. this has just one positive effect that the nonfamiliar people may feel more comfortable with the term 'martial art' than 'kung fu.' however, this has reduced the accuracy level of the text to the degree that it now contains some bold misinformation in it. here i just mention a few examples. kung fu is not just a fighting art, and so is zui quan. it's been a Chinese opera and theater art, for example. so, using the term 'fighting art' instead of kung fu for zui quan has an intrinsic inadequacy in many cases. also, in most cases, zui quan is not a stand-alone style of martial art by itself, but is part of the Chinese martial arts. like you've changed a sentence to: '... zuiquan has a great variety of schools...', which is plain false because as i said, in most, if not all, the cases zui quan is not a school itself, but a small part of the materials that a school teaches. i.e., it's not zui quan that has a variety of schools, but it's the variety of kung fu schools that have some parts they call zui quan. altogether, using the words martial art and school for zui quan is not accurate in most cases. the text has, now, lots of such potential misinformation. however, it's good to use the word 'martial art' in some places in articles because some people get it easier than the word kung fu itself, but using it as a full substitute for kung fu has no result but making the text much less accurate by lots of potential misinformation, which is not at all appropriate for encyclopedic contents.
these changes should be undone. SHemmati10 (talk) 20:28, 18 November 2014 (UTC)