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Talk was an American magazine published from 1999 to 2002.[1]

History and profile[edit]

The first issue of Talk appeared in September 1999.[1] When it was launched as a joint venture between Miramax and Hearst Publishing,[2] under the editorship of Tina Brown (former editor of The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, and the Tatler), it generated notoriety for its celebrity profiles and interviews. Brown was also the founder of the magazine.[1] The cover story of the debut issue was an interview with Hillary Clinton, which took place shortly after the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, in which she explained that her husband Bill Clinton had a chronic need to please women. The Washington Post reported that at times, "Talk seemed more interested in promoting such Miramax stars as Gwyneth Paltrow than in politics."[3] However, the magazine never became a commercial success, and was shut down in 2002.[4] estimated that Brown had "bombed through some $50 million in 2 1/2 years" on the failed venture. [5]


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