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Talk Stoop
Talk Stoop logo.png
GenreTalk show
Presented byCat Greenleaf (2009-2017)
Nessa (2018-present)
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
Production company(s)NBCUniversal
Original networkNBC
Original release2009 –
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Talk Stoop is an American television talk show hosted by Nessa, and formerly by Cat Greenleaf.[1] Talk Stoop is broadcast in the top nine American television markets, and can be seen on out-of-home screens, including cabs and gas stations, across the United States.[2]


Subjects are interviewed on a stoop in Manhattan (formerly Greenleaf's stoop in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn) and sit for a 15–20 minute interview with Nessa covering career highlights, life story, issues of the day and current projects. Musical guests' appearances include performances. Formerly, guests would also enter Greenleaf's home kitchen for the web-only segment Kitchen Confessions. Talk Stoop has shot over 350 conversations.

The show is known for its intimate style. Because the interview takes place on a stoop rather than on a set or in front of an audience, Greenleaf claimed that she was able to ask more personal questions, and get more honest answers.[3]


Talk Stoop's broadcast reaches approximately 12 million viewers/month. It also plays in taxi cabs and is viewed by 12.4 million viewers in New York City, Chicago, Boston, Washington, D.C., Miami, Atlanta, Dallas and San Francisco. On gas pumps it reaches 1.8 million viewers/month nationwide. In August 2013, the show began to air in daytime on USA Network as an interstitial program.[2]


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