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Spoons talkback.jpg
Studio album by Spoons
Released 1983
Recorded Sounds Interchange, Toronto 1982
Genre New wave, synthpop
Label Ready / LR039
Producer Nile Rodgers
Spoons chronology
Arias & Symphonies
Listen To The City

Talkback was the third album by the Burlington, Ontario-based band Spoons. The tracks that got airplay in Canada were "Old Emotions",[1] "The Rhythm" and "Talk Back". A video was also produced for "Old Emotions", directed by Rob Quartly. This is the first Spoons album produced by Nile Rodgers.

The album was originally released only on vinyl and cassette, but this album was newly released on CD in Canada by Ready Records on 22 January 2010, (RR039). The CD includes the Nile Rodgers produced Singles "Tell No Lies" and "Romantic Traffic", which were recorded after the initial release of the "Talkback" album.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Talk Back" Deppe, Preuss 4:36
2. "Camera Shy" Deppe 4:06
3. "My Favourite Page" Deppe 3:58
4. "Don't Shoot the Messenger" Deppe, Preuss 3:16
5. "Time Stands Still" Deppe 5:01
6. "Old Emotions" Deppe, Horne 3:40
7. "Stop" Deppe, Horne 3:08
8. "Out of My Hands" Deppe 3:46
9. "Quiet World" Deppe 4:35
10. "The Rhythm" Deppe, Horne 4:20
2010 CD bonus tracks
No. Title Writer(s) Length
11. "Tell No Lies" Deppe 4:12
12. "Romantic Traffic" Deppe, Preuss 3:35


  • "Old Emotions" (SR391)
  • "The Rhythm" (SR392)
  • "Talk Back" (SR393)


  • Gordon Deppe - vocals, guitar
  • Sandy Horne - bass, vocals
  • Rob Preuss - electronic keyboards and piano
  • Derrick Ross - drums

Production personnel[edit]

  • Nile Rodgers - producer
  • Jason Corsaro - engineer
  • Bob Ludwig - Mastering at Masterdisk, New York City
  • Recorded at Sounds Interchange, Toronto
  • Mixed at The Power Station, New York


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