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Industry Business networking
Founded 2008
Headquarters San Francisco, California
Area served
Key people
Martin Warner, Chief Executive Officer, Mark Parker Executive Chairman

Talkbiznow is a comprehensive interactive business networking site for business professionals and the business-to-business. By displaying how each member is connected to any other member, it visualises the small-world phenomenon. Founded in 2008 and launched in August 2008, the site is a web-based business community and collaboration tool that provides business services for small businesses and professionals.


Talkbiznow was founded as an integrated global platform of services. Allowing users the ability to network, advertise their business and professional services and utilize the Productivity and Collaboration Tools for Business Exchange and like minded interests for a shared purpose.

Talkbiznow was founded and launched by Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder Martin Warner and Executive Chairman & Co-founder Mark Parker. Formerly, Martin was a European Technology Practice Leader at BearingPoint. Warner is also a film producer, and angel investor, and the founder and Chairman of Cabo Films,[1] an independent motion picture and documentary feature company.

The company's mission is to simplify the essential business services and seamlessly integrate and deliver them through the internet for Free. Making it possible for businesses of all sizes to network, collaborate and essentially expand their services in avenues they might not have explored before. Talkbiznow has been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle,[2] Design Week,[3] Sky News,[4] The Financial Times,[5] The Guardian,[6] Times Online,[7] Forbes,[8] Fox Business Network,[9] and The Daily Telegraph.


The purpose of this site is to allow professionals and small businesses to network, collaborate and promote themselves online within a web-based community using a variety of services, features and desktop tools.

The Talkbiznow platform offers User profile generation, Business networking, Web Conferencing, voice conferencing and other common Social networking features. Some of the key features and benefits can be listed as:

  • Community Advertising Services - That include User Generated Ad Postings, Dynamic Multimedia Import, Instant Measurable Clickpath and Searchable Listings Index
  • Business Networking - With facilities like Instant Messaging, Email Messaging, Advanced User Profiling and Contact Management
  • The Marketplace - A new visual, user configurable marketplace that extends beyond the walled-garden out into the internet with facilities such as Micro-sites and E-Commerce Integration
  • A peer-to-peer Collaboration tool - Such as Web Conferencing, Voice Conferencing, Blogging and User Polls
  • Productivity Tools - Essential tools to support the user through there community experience, focused around their daily work life.


Talkbiznow networking services make it easy for users to expand their customer base, to recruit new employees or even plan strategic career moves.

  • My Workspace offers users a snapshot view of their account, allowing for easy and efficient management of all networking, tools, collaboration and communication tools
  • Webstore is a public facing service that offers users the ability to sell and market their goods and services online
  • Search facilities to explore the active Talkbiznow community, advertising and even member blog archives
  • Contact Management tools that offer full control over profile viewing, nudges, message management, chatting and invites
  • Groups allow users to facilitate discussions with like-minded people and view prospective business contacts
  • Voice Conferencing service is free to use and allows users and their business contacts to make conference calls utilizing VOIP or Skype
  • Adverts to share with colleagues and contacts within user networks, public or private
  • Blogging for private or business purposes
  • Calendar management where users can link all Talkbiznow services together and highlight from within the Dashboard when to action tasks, send emails, host webinars and attend new presentations


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