Talkin' Dirty After Dark

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Talkin' Dirty After Dark
Talkin' dirty after dark movie.jpg
The movie poster for Talkin' Dirty After Dark.
Directed by Topper Carew
Produced by Kevin Moreton
Patricia A. Stallone
Written by Topper Carew
Starring Martin Lawrence
Tom 'Tiny' Lister Jr.
Mark Curry
John Witherspoon
Distributed by New Line Cinema
Release date
August 16, 1991
Running time
89 min.
Language English
Box office $978,775

Talkin' Dirty After Dark (1991) is a comedy film starring Martin Lawrence. The film was directed by Topper Carew, who also wrote the film. Carew also directed, created, and produced Lawrence's TV show, Martin. In addition to Lawrence the film also stars John Witherspoon, Tom Lister, Jr., and Mark Curry.

The film was released in August 1991 and went on to gross one million dollars at the box office; it was only available in limited release. The film was generally panned by critics, although it has established a cult following thanks to airings on cable networks like HBO, Cinemax, and BET.

The film was shot on location in Los Angeles, California.


Stand up comedian Terry Wilson, is a local funny man who is in a lot of trouble. He can't pay his $67 phone bill. He drives a car that has only one gear, reverse. He is struggling trying to make it at a local comedy club called Dukie's. Finally, he is having an affair with the owner's wife in an attempt to get more attention at the club.

It turns out that the owner, Dukie, is trying to hook up with the star attraction of his club, Aretha, whose boyfriend threatens to hurt anybody who laughs at her. What follows is a night of comedy, romance, comedy, action, comedy, and Terry achieving his initial goal: getting $67 to pay his phone bill.


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