Talking Man

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Talking Man
Talking Man cover.jpg
1987 Avon Books edition
Author Terry Bisson
Country United States
Publisher Arbor House (Hardback, 1986)
Avon Books (Paperback, 1987)
Pages 192 (hardback)
ISBN 978-0-87795-813-0 (Hardback, U.S.)
978-0380751419 (Paperback, U.S.)

Talking Man is a 1986 fantasy novel by American author Terry Bisson. The book tells the story of a Kentucky mechanic called "Talking Man". Talking Man is a wizard who creates his own world.[1]


Orson Scott Card rated Talking Man as one of the best SF books of 1986, saying "Bisson brings off his story of a Kentucky junkyard wizard with panache."[2]


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