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Location of Persepolis
Artifacts of Tall-i Bakun in University of Chicago Oriental Institute

Coordinates: 29°55′N 52°53′E / 29.91°N 52.88°E / 29.91; 52.88 Tall-i Bakun or Tall-e Bakun (in modern Fars Province, Iran) was a prehistoric site in the Ancient Near East about 3 km south of Persepolis.


Little is known at this time aside from the site being active from circa 6th millennium BC to circa 4th millennium BC.


The site consists of two mounds, A and B. In 1928, exploratory excavation was done by Ernst Herzfeld, of the University of Berlin. Alexander Langsdorff and Donald McCown conducted full scale excavations in 1932.[1] Additional work was done at the site in 1937 by Erich Schmidt leading the Persepolis Expedition of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. [2] [3] Some limited work was done at Tall-i Bakun by a team from the Tokyo University led by Namio Egami and Seiichi Masuda in 1956. [4] [5] The most recent excavations were by a joint team of the Oriental Institute and the Iranian Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organisation. [6]


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