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Tallac Records is the label created in 2004 by the French rapper Booba. It is licensed by the record label Barclay Records, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group.


The artists signed to the label include:

  • Collective 92I (Booba / Mala)
  • Djé
  • DJ Medi Med
  • Gato Da Bato
  • YoungJunior YJ
  • Shay
Former artists
  • Bram's (deceased)
  • Naadei
  • Nessbeal
  • Issaka
  • Sir Doum's
  • Patrick Scheiter
  • Chris Macari, a music video director and producer, closely cooperates with the label.
  • Therapy, record producer duo and made up of two individuals known as 2031 and 2093. They operate Therapy Music, a sub-label affiliated with Tallac Records.

The company also has its line of jewelry in association with and produced by Tony Bling, a well-known trademark.