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The Tallahassee Open was a golf tournament on the PGA Tour from 1969 to 1989. It was played at Killearn Country Club in Tallahassee, Florida.

It was founded in 1969 as the Tallahassee Open Invitational. From 1983 to 1985, it was part of the PGA Tour's "Tournament Players Series", a "satellite tour". The purse for the 1989 tournament was $750,000 with 135,000 going to the winner.

The 1974 tournament featured the highest round scores in PGA history by a player who made the 36-hole cut. Mike Reasor severely injured himself horse riding between the second and third rounds. Needing to complete the tournament in order to gain an exemption for the Byron Nelson Classic, Reasor played the final two rounds using only a 5-iron and swinging using just one arm, recording scores of 123 and 114.[1]

From 1990 to 1992, Killearn Country Club hosted a LPGA Tour event by the same name.


1987–89 (official PGA Tour event)
Year Winner Country Score To par Margin
of victory
Centel Classic
1989 Bill Britton  United States 200 −16 4 strokes United States Ronnie Black
1988 Bill Glasson  United States 272 −16 2 strokes United States Tommy Armour III
1987 Keith Clearwater  United States 278 −10 1 stroke United States Bill Glasson
United States Billy Kratzert
United States Bob Lohr
United States Joey Sindelar
1983-86 (satellite event)

Tallahassee Open

1969–82 (official PGA Tour event)
Year Winner Country Score To par Margin
of victory
Tallahassee Open
1982 Bob Shearer  Australia 272 −16 1 stroke United States Hal Sutton
Zimbabwe Denis Watson
1981 Dave Eichelberger  United States 271 −17 Playoff United States Bob Murphy
United States Mark O'Meara
1980 Mark Pfeil  United States 277 −11 1 stroke United States Mark Lye
United States Bill Rogers
1979 Chi-Chi Rodríguez  United States 269 −19 3 strokes United States Lindy Miller
1978 Barry Jaeckel  United States 273 −15 Playoff United States Bruce Lietzke
1977 Ed Sneed  United States 276 −12 Playoff United States Lon Hinkle
1976 Gary Koch  United States 277 −11 1 stroke United States John Mahaffey
1975 Rik Massengale  United States 274 −14 2 strokes United States Spike Kelley
United States Bert Yancey
1974 Allen Miller  United States 274 −14 1 stroke United States Joe Inman
United States Eddie Pearce
United States Dan Sikes
1973 Hubert Green  United States 277 −11 1 stroke United States Jim Simons
1972 Bob Shaw  Australia 273 −15 2 strokes United States Leonard Thompson
Tallahassee Open Invitational
1971 Lee Trevino  United States 273 −15 3 strokes United States Jim Wiechers
1970 Harold Henning  South Africa 277 −11 1 stroke United States Rives McBee
1969 Chuck Courtney  United States 282 −6 1 stroke United States Jacky Cupit
United States Bert Greene
Australia Bob Shaw


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