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Tallarook Railway Station.JPG
Platform 2 in April 2012
Location Sanctuary Road, Tallarook
Coordinates 37°05′32″S 145°06′10″E / 37.0923°S 145.1027°E / -37.0923; 145.1027Coordinates: 37°05′32″S 145°06′10″E / 37.0923°S 145.1027°E / -37.0923; 145.1027
Owned by VicTrack
Operated by V/Line
Line(s) North East
Distance 90.21 kilometres from Southern Cross
Platforms 2 side
Tracks 3
Structure type Ground
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Status Unstaffed
Station code TOK
Fare zone Myki Zone 5/6 Overlap
Website Public Transport Victoria
Opened 18 April 1872
Preceding station   V/Line   Following station
Shepparton line
toward Seymour or Shepparton

Tallarook railway station is located on the North East line, in Victoria, Australia. It serves the town of Tallarook, and opened on 18 April 1872.[1]

Former station School House Lane / Dysart Sidings / Goulburn Junction was located between Tallarook and Seymour.


The station opened in 1872, along with the line though it, and became a junction for the Mansfield branch line to Yea in 1883, with the line extended to Mansfield in 1891, and Alexandra in 1909.[2] A turntable was added when the station became a junction, and the main line was duplicated from Broadford in the same year, with the double track being extended north in 1886. The first interlocked signal box was erected in 1885, controlling three platforms and a four road yard.[3] The crossovers for the branch line initially faced Seymour, requiring Melbourne-bound trains to reverse; a Melbourne-facing crossover was added in 1911.

When the parallel standard gauge line was built though the station in 1961, it cut right though the middle of the station, with three gauge crossings provided between the broad gauge main line and the sidings on the other side. A new signal box was also opened at this time, with a crossing loop on the standard gauge line opening in 1969, the only one added after the initial construction of the line.[3]

Tallarook served as the junction for the Mansfield line to Mansfield and Alexandra until 1978, with the last regular passenger train to Mansfield operating in 1977.[4] After the line to Mansfield was closed, one of the gauge crossings was removed in 1979, with another removed at the Down end in 1981. The last connection to the goods yard was abolished in 1984, but the signals for them remained, until the signal box was closed in 1987, and the station left as straight track.[3]

Work on extending Tallarook Loop on the standard gauge line into a 6.8 kilometre long passing lane commenced in 2008. Work included extending the existing loop southwards, installation of higher speed points at each end, and resignalling.[5]

Platforms & services[edit]

Tallabrook has two side platforms. It is serviced by V/Line Seymour line services.[6]

Platform 1:

Platform 2:


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