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Christmas Market in 2009.

Tallinn Christmas Market (Estonian: Tallinna Jõuluturg) is a Christmas market held every year in Tallinn, Estonia. The modern Christmas market was founded in 1991[1] and it is open from the last week of November to the first week of January the following year. This is due to the Julian calendar according to which, the Christmas Day of the Russian Orthodox Church is on 7 January.[2]

This is traditionally held on the old Town Hall Square. At the heart of trading is the most important Christmas tree in Estonia,[3] surrounded by Christmas cabins/stands that sells handcrafts, hot wine and souvenirs[4] to about 200,000 visitors every year.[5]

Historical Relevance[edit]

Tallinn is the oldest capital city in Northern Europe and has one of the best preserved medieval town centres in the world. The first Christmas tree at Tallinn’s Town Hall Square was erected in 1441 by the Brotherhood of Blackheads, making it one of the earliest evidence of decorated trees for the Yuletide season.[6] It was the first Christmas Tree ever put on display in Europe.[7]

The Brotherhood of the Blackheads, as a guild for unmarried merchants, first erected the tree for the holiday period in their brotherhood house. On the last night of celebrations the tree was taken to the Town Hall square where the members of the brotherhood danced around it before setting it on fire.


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