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Tally commonly refers to counting or to summation of a total amount, debt, or score (Oxford English Reference Dictionary). Tally may also refer to:


  • Tally (voting), an unofficial private observation of an election count carried out under Proportional Representation using the Single Transferable Vote
  • Tally counter, a mechanical device used to maintain a linear count
    • Tally for knitting, or row counter for hand knitting, a tally counter for counting rows or courses worked, for counting stitch pattern repetitions, or for counting increases or decreases of the number of stitches in consecutive rows
  • Tally marks, a form of numeral used in a unary numeral system, most useful in counting or tallying ongoing results, such as the score in a game or sport
  • Tally sort, a computer science counting and sorting algorithm
  • Tally stick, an ancient memory aid device to record and document numbers, quantities, or even messages
    • Fu (tally), a Chinese tally stick used as proof of authorization



Given name[edit]

  • Tally Brown (1934–1989), a singer and actress
  • Tally Hall (soccer) (born 1985), Talmon Henry "Tally" Hall, an American soccer player
  • Tally Holmes, an African American tennis player in the 1910s and 1920s
  • Tally Sneddon (1914–1995), Scottish professional football wing half and manager
  • Tally Stevens (1923–1995), Floyd C. "Tally" Stevens, the head coach for Brigham Young University Cougars football team from 1959–1960
  • Tallys, Tallys Machado de Oliveira (born 1987), Brazilian attacking midfielder


Arts, entertainment, and media[edit]

Fictitious characters[edit]

  • Tally Man, two fictional characters in the DC Universe
  • Tally Wong, a Celebrity DeathMatch character
  • Tally Youngblood, a fictional character in the Uglies series, written by Scott Westerfeld


Brands and enterprises[edit]


Other uses[edit]

  • Tally (cap), a ribbon on a sailor's cap
  • Tally language, a form of unary language in computational complexity theory
  • Tally light, a small signal-lamp on a television camera or monitor
  • Tally's War, an incident in 1863 in Iowa, in which pro-war individuals opened fire on a peace demonstration

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