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Tally Ho is a locality within the suburb of Burwood East, Victoria, Australia. It is in the local government area of the City of Whitehorse. It is centred on the intersection of Burwood Highway and Springvale Road and is approximately 18 km east of the Melbourne Central Business District.

Originally a rural area, the neighbourhood is named after a hotel which stood beside a shop on the corner of Blackburn Road and Highbury Road during the 1870s and 1880s. Opposite the hotel a primitive racecourse was constructed,[1] and although the roads were considered in poor repair, activities there attracted large crowds. In October 1888 the hotel was totally destroyed by fire[2] but later rebuilt but in 1922 moves were made to close the hotel along with a number of others [3] A small shopping centre now occupies the area where the hotel once stood.

The Tally Ho Boys Home was established nearby by the Methodist Church in 1902.[4] Later closed, it became the Tally Ho Business Park.


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Coordinates: 37°52′S 145°09′E / 37.867°S 145.150°E / -37.867; 145.150