Yeshiva V'Kollel Beis Moshe Chaim

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Yeshiva V'Kollel Beis Moshe Chaim is an Orthodox yeshiva and a kollel located in Miami Beach, Florida. Its Rosh Yeshiva is Rabbi Yochanan Zweig, an alumnus of Ner Israel Rabbinical College. After much anticipation, the Yeshiva has finally settled in their new campus, the old Howard Johnson Hotel located on the corner of Alton Road and 41st Street. The Yeshiva building now houses the Mechina, Yeshiva, and Kollel.

Four times a week there are live classes broadcast from the yeshiva. These classes are open to the public and visitors to South Florida. The live Shiurim are broadcast from the main Yeshiva building located at 4000 Alton Rd. Miami Beach, FL.

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