Talon (Marvel Comics)

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Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Guardians of the Galaxy #18 (Nov. 1991)
Created by Jim Valentino
In-story information
Species Inhuman werecat
Place of origin Blue Area of the Moon
Team affiliations Guardians of the Galaxy
Partnerships The Sorcerer Supreme
Supporting character of Krugarr
Abilities Feline attributes, ability to fire claws, minor mystical talents such as levitation

Talon is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is depicted as a feline Inhuman in the Earth-691 timeline of the fictional Marvel Universe, sorcerer apprentice to Krugarr. Created by Jim Valentino, Talon debuted in Guardians of the Galaxy #18 (Nov. 1991). He is a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Publication history[edit]


Initially, creator Jim Valentino wanted to use Wolverine in a storyline where the Guardians had briefly returned to Earth, but Bob Harras, the X-Men editor of the time, did not want it established that Wolverine could live that long. Thus, Valentino created Talon, influenced by Steve Englehart's take on the Beast during Beast's "party hearty" time with the Avengers.[1] Valentino later stated that Talon "wasn't gay, as some people thought. I thought it would lighten things up to have a happy-go-lucky screw-up on the team since, when looked at properly, the Guardians were not a superhero team, but rather a light army."[2]

Fictional character biography[edit]

Talon is an Inhuman born in the city of Attilan on the Blue Area of the Moon, circa 31st Century A.D. in an alternate future. He becomes a student of the mystic arts, and an apprentice to Krugarr. In one of his earliest appearances, he helps the team battle a gang of murderous criminals who take after the Punisher. One of the gang injures Major Victory with a shot to the forehead. Talon deflects a shot fired at Vance Astro, and sends Krugarr to save Vance's life. With the assistance of Hollywood, Krugarr manages to save the Major's life. Alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Commandeers, Talon battled the Punishers, and then joined the Guardians.[3][4]

Talon personally battles the villain Rancor and her lieutenants, later taking delight in the violence.[5] He tries to bond with teammate Yondu over the fact both are very different from the rest of the team. Talon confesses to Yondu he was unable to keep up with the demands made upon him by Krugarr and was forced to leave. In explaining why he is still friends with Krugarr, Talon states 'I may be a flake—but I'm a nice one.'[volume & issue needed] Soon after this conversation, Talon joins in the effort with the Guardians, the Silver Surfer, and Firelord to help stop Galactus once and for all. During this battle his mentor psychically berates him for using spells that he does not have full control over.[6] With Nikki, Talon learned the origin of the Guardians.[7]

Talon is with the team when they confront the ancient supernatural threat of Samhain. The Ireland-bound deity was seeking the same item the Guardians were, the 'Book of Kells'. The heroes believed it would help the educational system back in New York City.[8]

Around this time, Talon and the Guardians travel to the past to the 20th Century, during the Infinity War incident. Talon developed Gral's Disease, and was revealed to his teammates to be an Inhuman. He first encountered 20th Century Inhumans at this time.[9] Inside Avengers Mansion, they fight an incarnation of the Masters of Evil led by Doctor Octopus. This gains the attention of the Magus, who sends evil doubles of the Guardians and the Masters, in an attempt to absorb and overwhelm everyone. The two teams work together and slay all the doubles. When Doctor Octopus urges the Masters to again attack, they turn on him as they do not wish to harm the people who had helped them survive. Talon and the heroes are roped into cleaning up the mess made by the battle.[10] Alongside Charlie-27 and Nikki, Talon attacks the Badoon home world.[11]

Also, Talon and the Guardians battle the ancient villain Dormammu. The villain had slain Doctor Strange, who had taken on the role of the Ancient One/Mentor to Krugarr.[12]

The Guardians are taken into the realm of the Beyonder, a powerful other-dimensional entity.[13] Talon then helps out in a power struggle in the realm of the gods, Asgard.[14]

They battle the entity called 'the Protégé'.[15] Talon receives a serious spinal injury; he cannot move around very much without intense pain.[volume & issue needed]

At some point, Talon encounters the time-traveling Thor Corps, several wielders of the Mjolnir hammer.[16]

Talon utilizes a device that had brought back Charlie-27 from near death.[volume & issue needed] However, Talon's repaired spine brings with it new problems, an altered appearance and behavior; he even attempts to wrest leadership from the hands of Vance.[volume & issue needed]

Talon is featured in a solo story in the penultimate issue of the series.[17]

The team later comes to view Talon as a liability. They do not bother to establish contact with him before taking a trip back in time to battle the original 'Martian' invasion.[18]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Talon has some superhuman abilities thanks to his genetically superior Inhuman physiology, and has possibly been exposed to the mutagenic Terrigen Mist. He has a feline form: an orange fur-covered body, razor-sharp talons on his hands and feet, pointed ears, pronounced canine teeth, and a 312' prehensile tail. He has superhuman strength, is an Olympic-level acrobat and gymnast, and is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant. The talons on his hands and feet can be detached and hurled as weapons, then regrow instantly. In addition he has learned some limited knowledge of magical lore, giving him the ability to manipulate the forces of magic for a number of effects, though his ability to control these effects was occasionally hampered by his inexperience.[6] After Talon aided his former mentor Krugarr in the defeat of Dormammu, Krugarr gave Talon a mystic amulet that enhanced both the power of his spells and his control over them.[12] Like all Inhumans, Talon's immune system is probably weaker than that of an average human.


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