Talons of Night

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Talons of Night
M5 TSR9214 Talons Of Night.jpg
Code M5
TSR Product Code 9214
Rules required D&D Master Set
Character levels 20 - 25
Campaign setting Mystara
Authors Paul Jaquays
First published 1987
Linked modules
M1, M2, M3, M4, M5

Talons of Night is an Egyptian-themed adventure module for the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, set in that game's Mystara campaign setting. TSR, Inc. published the module in 1987 for the D&D Master Set rules. It is part of the "M" series of modules. The module was designed by Paul Jaquays. Its cover art is by Daniel Horne. Its interior art is by Paul Jacquays, and cartography by Dennis Kauth and Steve Sullivan.

Plot summary[edit]

Talons of Night can be played as a sequel to Vengeance of Alphaks.[1] While in search of the Periapt of Pax, the player characters encounter a ghost ship, spatial spiders, and the sinister people of Thothia.[1]

Peace negotiations between Thyatis and Alphatia are about to start, and the King of Norwold asks the player characters to get information about a previous agreement at the library of Edairo on the Isle of Dawn. At the library, the party receives clues and then travels to an ancient temple where there are puzzles to solve. From there, they seek the lair of the Night Spider and an ancient artifact. When the party returns to Helskir for the summit, they are framed for the kidnapping of the Emperor and Empress. The party must travel through the Outer Planes to the Sphere of Entropy and Entropy to rescue the royals and avert a world war.

Table of contents[edit]

Chapter Page
Introduction 2
Chapter 1: The Quest for Peace 3
Chapter 2: Against Aran 20
Chapter 3: Journey into Night 35
Epilogue: The Helskir Summit 41
Appendices 42

Publication history[edit]

M5 Talons of Night was written by Paul Jaquays, with a cover by Daniel Horne and interior illustrations by Jaquays, and was published by TSR in 1987 as a 48-page booklet with an outer folder.[1]


Design: Paul Jaquays
Editor: Gary L. Thomas
Cover Art: Daniel Horne
Illustrations: Paul Jaquays
Keyline: Stephanie Tabat
Cartography: Dennis Kauth, Steve Sullivan
Typesetting: Marilyn Favaro

Distributed to the book trade in the United States by Random House, Inc., and in Canada by Random House of Canada, Ltd. Distributed to the toy and hobby trade by regional distributors. Distributed in the United Kingdom by TSR UK Ltd.

product number 9214
ISBN 0-88038-411-5


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References and footnotes[edit]

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