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Type of site
Online Magazine
Owner Sanoma
Website Taloussanomat
Commercial Yes
Registration Optional
Launched 18 November 1997; 19 years ago (1997-11-18)

Taloussanomat is the largest business online daily newspaper in Helsinki, Finland.

History and profile[edit]

Taloussanomat was first published on 18 November 1997.[1] The final printed number (the 2537th) was published on 28 December 2007 when it became published on Internet. [2] It has its headquarters in Helsinki.[3]

Taloussanomat is owned by Sanoma, owner of Helsingin Sanomat.[1] In 2010 it was the thirteenth most visited website in Finland in 2010 and was visited by 643,954 people per week.[4]


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