Tamás Hausel

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Tamás Hausel
Born 1972
Residence England
Fields Mathematics
Institutions University of Oxford
Institute for Advanced Study
Miller Institute
University of Texas[1]
Alma mater Eötvös Loránd University (BA & MA)
University of Cambridge (PhD) [2]
Doctoral advisor Nigel James Hitchin[2]
Notable awards Whitehead Prize (2008)

Tamás Hausel (born 1972) is a Hungarian mathematician working in the areas of combinatorial, differential and algebraic geometry and topology.[1][3] More specifically the global analysis, geometry, topology and arithmetic of hyperkähler manifolds, Yang–Mills instantons, non-Abelian Hodge theory, Geometric Langlands program, and representation theory of quivers and Kac–Moody algebras.[4]

Tamás Hausel is currently associated with IST Austria where he is a full professor since 2016. Prior to joining IST he was a professor at EPFL.He was previously at the University of Oxford, both a Royal Society University Research Fellow at the university's mathematical institute, and a Tutorial Fellow in Mathematics at Wadham College.


In 2008, Tamás Hausel was awarded the Whitehead Prize by the London Mathematical Society for his investigations into hyperkähler geometry which have led him to prove deep results in fields as diverse as the representation theory of quivers, mirror symmetry and Yang–Mills instantons.[5]



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