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The Tam O'Shanter Inn, established in 1922, is one of Los Angeles' oldest restaurants. The restaurant serves hearty pub fare with a touch of Scottish flair, and is known for its prime rib and Yorkshire pudding. Walt Disney was a frequent patron there.[1]


The Tam O'Shanter Inn was established by Lawrence Frank and Walter Van de Kamp, founders of Van de Kamp's Holland Dutch Bakeries who went on to found the Lawry's restaurant chain.[2] They commissioned Harry Oliver to design the building. He constructed the Storybook Style building aided by movie studio carpenters. The Tam O'Shanter Inn opened in June 1922 and was a great success. The owner said, "Every piece of wood which was used in this structure was thrown into fire first with the result that we never had to paint it and it got more beautiful as the years went by." (L.L.Frank to B.Stohler)

It was remodeled in 1968 and renamed the "Great Scot", but has since been brought back to the its original name "The Tam O'Shanter Inn". The restaurant's decor still features English and Scottish medieval weapons, kilts, and family Coat of Arms and Medieval Family Crests.

The Tam-O, as it is known for short, is located at 2980 Los Feliz Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90039 at the corner of Boyce Ave and Los Feliz Blvd in Atwater Village.


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