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Tamagotchi Town (also TamaTown) is a Macromedia Flash-based website that is interactive with versions 3, 4 (JinSei), 4.5 (JinSei Plus), 5 (Familitchi), 5.5 (Familitchi Celebrity), 6 (Music Star) and the new Tama-Go Tamagotchis. It allows owners to obtain points and items online that can be used on the Tamagotchi. It transfers data between the website and machine using a 10-14 digit hexadecimal code typed when logging in and out (excluding Version 3).

V3 Tamagotchi Town[edit]

The original Tama Town was created for the Version 3 Tamagotchi. It is not available to this day. When you receive an item, a 10-digit password appears and you enter it into the Tamagotchi. They have expanded the tamagotchi online worlds to most all versions(except v1 and v2), the music star is the most popular virtual world called 'Music City', you can login your character from your 'Music Star Tamagotchi' and play games and talk. You can also login as your 'Tama-Go' characters too. However, all Music Star servers are down in the USA.

The V3 Tamagotchi Town featured the Town Hall, Theatre, Mall, School, Grandparent's, and Parent's house, Arcade, Travel Agency, Food Court, and the King's palace. All Tamatown websites have become inactive, as of February 2013.


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