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Tama Art University
Tama Art University (Hachioji Library).jpg
Motto 自由と意力
Motto in English
Freedom and Will
Type Private art school
Established 1935
Affiliation   ICSID
Endowment N/A
Chairman Nobuto Fujitani
President Akira Tatehata
Academic staff
146 full-time
439 part-time[1]
Undergraduates 4,220[2]
Postgraduates 259[3]
Location Tokyo, Japan
Campus Suburban
37.78 acres (15.29 ha) (Hachioji campus)
3.98 acres (1.61 ha)(Kaminoge campus)[4]
Colors      Blue
Nickname Tamabi, TAU, Tama
Website tamabi.ac.jp

Tama Art University (多摩美術大学, Tama bijutsu daigaku) or Tamabi (多摩美) is a private art university located in Tokyo, Japan. It is known as one of the top art schools in Japan.[5]


The forerunner of Tamabi was Tama Imperial Art School (多摩帝国美術学校, Tama Teikoku Bijutsu Gakkō) founded in 1935. It was chartered as a junior college in 1950 and became a four-year college in 1953.


Hachioji Campus
  • Hachioji Campus (Hachioji city, Tokyo)
    Faculty of Art and Design and Graduate School of Art and Design (most of the departments are located on this campus)
Kaminoge Campus
  • Kaminoge Campus (Kaminoge, Setagaya-ward, Tokyo)
    Headquarters office, Faculty of Art and Design, and Graduate School of Art and Design (Department of Integrated Design and Department of Scenography Design, Drama, and Dance)
  • Seminar House
    • Mt. Fuji Foothills Seminar House (Yamanakako, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi)
    • Nara Antiquities Seminar House (Nara city, Nara)



Faculty of Art and Design[edit]

  • Department of Painting
    • Japanese Painting Course
    • Oil Painting Course
    • Printmaking Course
  • Department of Sculpture
  • Department of Ceramic, Glass, and Metal Works
    • Ceramic Program
    • Glass Program
    • Metal Program
  • Department of Graphic Design
  • Department of Product and Textile Design
    • Product Design Course
    • Textile Design Course
  • Department of Environmental Design
    • Interior Design
    • Architecture Design
    • Landscape Design
  • Department of Information Design
    • Art and Media Course
    • Interaction Design Course
  • Department of Art Science
  • Department of Integrated Design
  • Department of Scenography Design, Drama, and Dance
    • Scenography Design Course
    • Drama and Dance Course

Graduate School of Art and Design[edit]

  • Master's Degree Course
  • Doctoral Degree Course

PBL courses[edit]

Research institutes and facilities[edit]

Tama Art University Library at Hachioji Campus
Tama Art University Museum near Tama-Center Station
3331 Arts Chiyoda in Akihabara

Student life[edit]

Campus Festival "Geisai"[10][11][edit]

International joint projects[edit]

Pacific Rim[edit]

Since 2006, students from both Tama Art University and Art Center College of Design who study in the field of design have collaborated on the Pacific Rim Project. The Pacific Rim Project focuses on global issues such as environmental protection, natural disasters and related topics over the course of a 14-week program. The Project is based on collaborative research, the results of which are summarized and shared via public exhibits.

CMTEL (Color/Materials/Trends Exploration Laboratory)[edit]


Banana Textile Project[edit]

Day-see Program[edit]

List of presidents[edit]


President Life Years as president Notes
- Reikichi Kita 1885-1961 - Honorary president; philosopher and politician; younger brother of the political philosopher Ikki Kita.
1 Hisui Sugiura 1876-1965 1935-1947 Graphic designer.
2 Kinji Inoue 1884-1976 1947-1968 Jurist and philosopher.
3 Eiichiro Ishida 1903-1968 April to November, 1968 (untimely death) Cultural anthropologist.
- Ichiro Fukuzawa 1898-1992 1968-1970 Acting president; painter.
4 Shinichi Mashita 1906-1985 1970-1975 (resigned) Marxist philosopher.
5 Yorihiro Naito 1908-2000 1979-1987 Judge and lawyer; interim president between 1975 and 1979.
6 Kenshi Goto 1919-2006 1987-1999 Aesthetician.
7 Nobuo Tsuji 1932- 1999-2003 Historian of Japanese art.
8 Shiro Takahashi 1943- 2003-2007 First alumni to serve as president (class of 1967); media artist.[13]
9 Yoshihide Seita 1941-2014 2007-2011 Historian of medieval Japan.
10 Takenobu Igarashi 1944- 2011-2015 Class of 1968; graphic designer and sculptor; created the logo for Tama Art University.[14]
11 Akira Tatehata 1947- 2015- Art critic and poet.

Notable current and past faculty[edit]

Notable alumni[edit]

Art and Design[edit]

Entertainment and communications[edit]

International partners[edit]

Tamabi has bilateral agreements with 21 universities and institutes in 13 countries and regions (as of July 2016).[16]




Cooperation with other institutions in Japan[edit]

ARTSAT Project[17][edit]

Tokyo 5 Art Universities Joint Graduation Exhibition ("Gobidai-ten" Exhibition)[18][edit]

Art Universities Liaison Council[19][edit]

Comprehensive joint agreement[edit]

Credit transfer agreement (Consortium of Universities in Hachioji)[20][edit]

Regional collaborative projects[edit]

  • Tama Rivers
  • Sagamachi Consortium
  • Hachioji Academic City University "Icho-juku"
  • University/High School Collaboration Lectures
  • Community gallery "Tamabiba"
  • Art Laboratory Hashimoto

Art events/exhibitions[edit]

Alumni association[edit]


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Further reading[edit]

  • Minato, Chihiro and Yasuhito Nagahara et al. Sozo-sei no uchu [創造性の宇宙], Tokyo: Kosakusha, 2008. ISBN 978-4-87502-413-2
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