Tamagawa Hot Spring

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A bedrock bathing spot and a free bath at Tamagawa Hot Spring.

The Tamagawa Hot Spring in Senboku, Akita Prefecture, Japan is the highest flow rate hot spring in Japan. Tamagawa Hot Spring has a flow rate of 150 litres/second. The Tamagawa Hot Spring feeds a 3 meter wide stream with a temperature of 98 °C. The water from Tamagawa Hot Spring is also very acidic, with a pH of about 1.1.

There is also radioactive radium gas and other radioactive materials dissolved in the water from Tamagawa Hot Spring.[citation needed]

There are deposits of the radioactive mineral hokutolite near the spring. Hokutolite is composed of a type of barite (barium sulfate), including lead and traces of strontium and calcium. The hokutolite is about ten times as radioactive as the standard background.[1]

There is at least one more hot spring in Tamagawa. Nibukawa Hot Spring is also in Tamagawa.

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