Tamagon the Counselor

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Kaiketsu Tamagon
Tamagon the Counselor.jpg
Anime television series
Directed by Hiroshi Sasagawa
Music by Koba Hayashi
Studio Tatsunoko Production
Original network Fuji TV
Original run 5 October 1972 28 September 1973[1]
Episodes 195
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Tamagon the Counselor (かいけつタマゴン, Kaiketsu Tamagon), also known as Eggzavier the Eggasaurus, is a Japanese anime television series created by Tatsunoko Production.[2] Tatsunoko's description of the series reads as follows: "Tamagon is a cute monster who is fond of eggs. He acts as a counselor to those in trouble, asking only eggs in payment. He goes to work as soon as he has eaten his fee. However, despite his schemes, his service usually ends in failure and he winds up being chased by his irate clients. Short as it is, this program is full of lively laughs and humor."[2]

Japanese Cast[edit]


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