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Tamagotchi Connection (uk: Tamagotchi connexion) from Bandai is a Tamagotchi toy that uses infra-red technology to connect and make friends with other Tamagotchi owners and was first released in 2004, 8 years after the first Tamagotchi. The Tamagotchi can make friends with other Tamagotchis and can:

  • Play games
  • Give presents
  • Have new Baby Tamagotchi.

Versions 1 to 4 of Tamagotchi Connection have 6 levels of friendship that can be viewed in the Friends List:

  • Acquaintance (one smiley-face)
  • Buddy (two smiley-faces)
  • Friend (three smiley-faces)
  • Good friend (four smiley-faces)
  • Best friend (two love-hearts, two smiley-faces, during connection they may kiss)
  • Partner (four love-hearts, during connection they will kiss and may have tamababies)

Versions 5 and 6 have different levels.

Four Tamagotchi toys

If Tamagotchi Connection cannot find a partner to have tamababies with, a matchmaker will come, allowing the tamagotchi to have a tamababy with a computer-controlled Tamagotchi character. This applies to versions 1 to 4 and 6 only, on version 5 there is a Dating Show which the user must access to gain a CPU partner. Tamagotchi character must be an adult.


Depending on the version of Tamagotchi Connection, the Tamagotchi will do different things.

If Tamagotchi Connections are different versions, they can still connect. For example, versions 1 to 4 can all connect with each other, and so can 5 and 6. The Tamagotchi will transform into a replacement mystery character, known as Nazotchi (translation: secret Tamagotchi), during connection. The rules for Tamagotchi Connection V1 will apply.

Tamagotchi Connection V2 (2004)[edit]

In Ver 2 Game, Tamagotchis play for a certain amount of "Gotchi" points. Also, the older the Tamagotchi gets, the more games it can play. It has 6 stages of life:

  • Egg. This only occurs in the very beginning. Once set, it will hatch in 1 ′and a generation 1 baby will come out. No games present.
  • Baby. The baby's game is Jump.
  • Child. The child's game is Bump.
  • Teenager. The teenager's game is Heading.
  • Adult. The adult's game is Slot.
  • Senior. The senior can only be unlocked if the Matchmaker is refused every time.This goes for all versions.

Tamagotchi Connection V3 (2006)[edit]

In Ver 3 Game, Tamagotchis play for a certain amount of "Gotchi" points. Like the V2, the older the Tamagotchi gets, the more games it can play, and there are also 6 stages of life.

  • Egg. This only occurs in the very beginning. Once set, it will hatch in 1 ′and a generation 1 baby will come out. No games present.
  • Baby. The baby's game is Get Music.
  • Child. The child's game is Bump.
  • Teenager. The teenager's games are Flag and Heading.
  • Adult. The adult's games are Memory and Sprint.
  • Senior. Like on the V2, the Senior can only be unlocked by refusing the Matchmaker.

Differences from the V2

  • There is no 'Treat' option in the food.
  • There are new 'Password' and 'Souvenir' options.
  • When you are connecting with another V3, there is another option: Visit.
  • There are new 'Point' and 'Family' options in the friendbook.

Differences from the V4.5

  • There is no work option on the connection list.
  • There are completely different games, such as Climb, Tug of War, Apples, Shapes, and Man-hole.
  • There is no lights button, but instead there is a button, and through it you can receive mail.
  • On this particular Tamagotchi, you can receive 'Life Points'.

Tamagotchi Connection V4 Jinsei (2007)[edit]

In Ver 4 game, Tamagotchis play for a certain amount of "Gotchi" points, like in the V2 and 3. Like in those versions, the Tamagotchi gets more games the older it gets, and there are still 6 life stages.

  • Egg. This only occurs in the very beginning. Once set, it will hatch in 1 ′and a generation 1 baby will come out. No games present.
  • Baby. The baby's game is Jumping Rope.
  • Child. The child's game is Mimic.
  • Teenager. The teenager's games are Shape, Dance and Flag.
  • Adult. There are new 'work' games for the adult depending on which job it has.
  • Senior. Same as V2 and 3.

Additionally, the child and teenager have minigames for preschool and school.

Tamagotchi Connection V4.5[edit]

In this version, the tamagotchi's get games fast.

  • Egg. This only occurs in the very beginning. Once set, it will hatch in 1 ′and a generation 1 baby will come out. No games present.
  • Baby. Babies can access only Climb.
  • Child. Child usually has Climb and Tug of War.
  • Teenager. Teenager has Climb, Tug of War, Apples, Shapes, and Man-hole.
  • Adult. Has same games. Can only access work games while at work.
  • Senior. Same games. Nothing more.

Child and Teenager can only do games for school by pressing the work button.

Differences from previous versions

  • The tamagotchi can collect 'Life Points'
  • The 'Mail' option replaces the 'Lights' option.


Though this option is on the connection/communication list, it doesn't use infra-red communication. Depending on the age of the Tamagotchi, on this command it will do different things:

  • Baby: Nothing.
  • Toddler: Preschool. The Tamagotchi automatically interacts with the preschool teacher.
  • Teenager: School. The Tamagotchi can choose out of 3 teachers - Mr Turtlepedia gives you funny points (smily face), the Flower Teacher gives you gorgeeous points (the sparkles) and Mr Canvas gives you spiritual points (the fist). The Tamagotchi then has to pick a gift that it thinks might have a secret item in it. If it picks the right one, the Tamagotchi's life points increase. If it doesn't, a mess drops on the Tamagotchi's head.
  • Adult: Tamagotchi chooses a job. The Tamagotchi will do a different thing depending on what job it has.

Every 24 hours, the Tamagotchi will go to work and its boss will give it its salary, ranging from 1000 points.


This option is needed to visit the V4 online world of Tamagotchi Town. The Tamagotchi goes off the screen and a Log-In Password is provided. At Tamagotchi Town, the password is entered and Tamagotchi Town appears on-screen. On Tamagotchi Town, many things can be done, such as:

  • shop for items and food (up to 10)
  • earn "Gotchi" points (up to 9900)
  • earn souvenirs
  • travel to different countries
  • go to preschool
  • go to school
  • go to work
  • play games
  • visit previous tamagotchis

Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 Familitchi(2008)[edit]

This Tamagotchi is the next Tamagotchi in the Tamagotchi Connection Series. Its motto, according to the package, is "We are Familitchi!" as in the song "We Are Family" by Sister Sledge, and according to Tamatown the motto is "More Family, More Fun!" The V5, as it is called colloquially, is the English version of the FamiTama and is the first Tamagotchi to be exactly the same (besides language) in Japan and elsewhere, since the Tamagotchi Plus. It was released in Asia on 6 January 2008, Australia on 10 January 2008 and was released elsewhere later in February 2008. A new feature is that you can raise Tamagotchi Families, with 3-5 parents and kids on it. There is, however, a design flaw which prevents it from connecting to the other Tamagotchis in the series. It also has a new website that it shares with the Famitama, the "Tama and Earth Expo". According to the package, Bandai quotes, "The Tamagotchis set up this expo to learn more about Earth." It contains a central pavilion, and 4 other pavilions representing each of the main areas of the Earth. It also included a TV option where the player can use Gotchi Points to shop on the Shopping Channel, find a mate with the Dating Show, or go travelling on the Travelling Show. The Travelling Show is the V5 variation of the pause mode.

Differences from previous versions

  • Individual tamagotchis cannot be named; instead, a 'family name' is selected and individuals are identified by their tama type.
  • There is a 'family bond' percentage
  • The Discipline is replaced with a Play option.
  • The Medicine chest is expanded to contain general items as well.

Life stages and games[edit]

  • Egg
  • Baby
  • Child
  • Teenager
  • Adult
  • Parent

When raising a non-parent family, only the 'TV Surfing' and 'Tea Time' games are available. With the parents come 'Golf Putt' and 'Shoe Pairs' games.

Tamagotchi Connection Version 6 Music Star[edit]

This Tamagotchi is the next in the Tamagotchi Connection series. The Tamagotchis can become pop stars (Hence the name 'Music star'). As your Tamagotchi grows older it will learn a musical instrument. A matchmaker (aka band manager) will come when your Tamagotchi is at the age of 5.

Every Tamagotchi Music Star Toy includes a guitar pick with a code for Tamatown on it.

Life Stages and Games[edit]

  • Egg
  • Baby
  • Child
  • Teenager
  • Adult
  • Senior

The Tamagotchi can play all three music games, Sing A Song, Music Notes and Sound Block, from birth. The Tamagotchi has a band from the teenager stage, whose members cannot be named, but the band itself can.

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