Tamam (TV series)

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Created byVasilis Risvas
Dimitra Sakali
Directed byPierros Andrakakos
StarringManolis Mavromatakis
Myrto Alikaki (Season 3)
Maria Lekaki (Season 1 & 2)
Lila Baklesi
Giannis Chatzigeorgiou
Tzortzina Liosi
Tasos Bokos
Nikos Magdalinos
Country of originGreece
Original language(s)Greek
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes66
Producer(s)ANTS Hub
Running time45 minutes/episode
Original networkANT1
Picture format576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Audio formatStereo
Original release13 October 2014 –
12 May 2017
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Ταμάμ (literal translation into English: Okay) is a Greek television comedy-drama series, which premiered on October, 2014 on ANT1.The series is based on the German TV series Türkisch für Anfänger ,created by Bora Dağtekin and produced by Hoffmann & Voges Ent.

The show focuses on the Greek-Turkish stepfamily Christidou-Öztürk, their everyday lives and particularly on the eldest daughter Elli, who narrates the show. During the show's run, topics covered included both typical problems of teenagers and cross-cultural experiences among the Greek and Turkish people considering they're old rivals. People will also have the opportunity to watch Cem and Elli's not good relationship turning into a romantic and adorable love story. Tamam was said to be the most popular and loved TV series of ANT1 when its third season aired in October 2016.[1]

Series οverview[edit]

Season Episodes Timeslot (EET) Year Air dates Premiere ratings
Season premiere Season finale Rating share
(adults 15–44)
Rating share
(in millions)
1 23 Monday 22:15 (Episodes 1–9)
Friday 22:15 (Episodes 10–23)
2014-2015 October 13, 2014 May 29, 2015 22% 22, 3% 1.048
2 23 Tuesday 22:15 (Episodes 1–8)
Friday 22:15 (Episodes 9–23)
2015-2016 October 22, 2015 May 13, 2016 22, 8% 20,4% 0.95
3 20 Friday 23:00 2016-2017 November 25, 2016 May 12, 2017 19, 3% 15% 0.54


Season 1[edit]

The new "family" has to get used to each other - which is much more complicated than Myrto and Metin thought: Elli and Dilek have to share a room, which complicates their sisterhood right from the beginning, as does the fact that Elli is an atheist and Dilek a pious Muslim girl wearing a hidjab. Myrto, who is very free-spirited, has to get used to her new role as a mother of four instead of two children, her stepson Cem, who is a bit of a macho, and her stepdaughter, who is very critical of her less than decent kitchen-skills. Meanwhile, Elli and Niko have to try to fit in at their new school, which is very different from their old school. In the meantime,their relationship with their step brothers gets worse and worse. Elli and Cem won't stop fighting and both Dilek and Elli don't like each other. Elli's best friend Katerina is away at Dubai and Elli communicates with her via videos. Strangely enough,Dilek and Niko develop a very good and loving relationship which is so not happening between Elli and Cem. Things get even worse when Alexis meets Elli at school,become friends with her and Cem has to deal with the fact that he is jealous of their relationship. Later,Alexis and Elli fall in love,and Cem tries to find effective ways to take Elli away from him. As for Myrto and Metin, they face some small problems,but get over them very quickly because of their love for each other. In the end of the season, Elli falls in love with Cem and the family is ready to go under challenges and strange situations...

Season 2[edit]


Main cast[edit]

Actor/Actress Role
Manolis Mavromatakis Metin Ozturk
Maria Lekaki (Season 1 & 2), Myrto Alikaki (Season 3) Myrto Christidou
Lila Baklesi Ellie Christidou
Giannis Chatzigeorgiou Tzem Ozturk
Tzortzina Liosi Dilek Ozturk
Alexandros Caradimas Nikos Christidis
Nikos Magdalinos Ali

Guest stars[edit]

Season 1[edit]

Actor/Actress Role Information for the role Episodes
Paris Skartsolias Teo Theodorou Cem's best friend 17 episodes
Denis Makris Alexis Ellie's boyfriend and classmate 15 episodes
Lilian Archonti Bahar Sismanoglu Ali's girlfriend 10 episodes
Maria Diakopanagiotou Dina Tourkochoriti Myrto's sister 10 episodes
Babis Giotopoulos Ermis Tourkochoritis Myrto's father 9 episodes
Giolanta Kalogeropoulou Daphnie Cem's girlfriend and classmate 7 episodes
Giovanna Makka Suna Dilek's best friend 5 episodes
Thodoris Frantzeskos Miltos Ellie's, Cem's and Teo's classmate 1 episode

Season 2[edit]

Ηθοποιος Ρολος Πληροφοριες για τον ρολο
Kostas Spyropoulos Markos Christidis Ellie's and Niko's father
Paris Skartsolias Teo Theodorou Cem's best friend
Maria Diakopanagiotou Dina Tourkochoriti Myrto's sister
Babis Giotopoulos Ermis Tourkochoritis Myrto's father
Nefeli Kouri Olga Ellie's friend
Lilian Archonti Bahar Sismanoglu Ali's wife
Aliki Alxandraki Yildiz Ozturk Metin's Mother
Natassa Exindaveloni Katerina Ellie's best friend


Initially, the show was partially filmed at a neoclassical apartment in Kypseli, Athens.[2]

International broadcasts[edit]

  • Greece - ANT1
  • Canada - ANT1 SATELLITE


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