Tamamura Station

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Tamamura Station
Tamamura Station, July 2008
Location Obokawa 164-5, Jōsō, Ibaraki
Operated by Kantō Railway
Line(s) Jōsō Line
Opened 1931
Passengers (FY2013) 34 daily

Tamamura Station (玉村駅, Tamamura-eki) is a train station in Jōsō, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan.


Tamamura Station is a station on the Kantō Railway’s Jōsō Line, and is located 31.0 km from the official starting point of the line at Toride Station.

Station layout[edit]

The station has a single side platform serving traffic in both directions. There is no station building but only a waiting room on the platform. The station is unattended.

Adjacent stations[edit]

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Jōsō Line
Rapid: Does not stop at this station
Ishige   Local   Sōdō


Tamamura Station was opened on 5 November 1931 as a station on the Jōsō Railroad, which became the Kanto Railway in 1965. The station building was rebuilt in July 1967.

Surrounding area[edit]

The station is located in a rural area surrounded by fields, with few houses or other buildings in the vicinity.

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Coordinates: 36°08′07″N 139°58′13″E / 36.1353°N 139.9702°E / 36.1353; 139.9702