Taman Connaught MRT station

Coordinates: 3°12′23″N 101°34′49″E / 3.20639°N 101.58028°E / 3.20639; 101.58028
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 KG26  Taman Connaught
Rapid KL (brand)
Mass Rapid Transit station
Overview of the station and tracks as seen from inside the train towards Kajang.
General information
Other namesChinese: 康乐花园
Tamil: தமன் கானாட்
LocationTaman Connaught, Cheras,
Kuala Lumpur
Coordinates3°12′23″N 101°34′49″E / 3.20639°N 101.58028°E / 3.20639; 101.58028
Owned byMRT Corp
Line(s)9 Kajang
Platforms2 side platforms
ConnectionsRapidKL bus and link bridge to Cheras Sentral mall.
Structure typeElevated
Bicycle facilitiesNot available
Other information
Station code KG26 
Opened17 July 2017
Preceding station Following station
Taman Mutiara
towards Sungai Buloh
Kajang Line Taman Suntex
towards Kajang

The Taman Connaught MRT station is an elevated rapid transit station on the MRT Kajang Line, located in Taman Connaught, Bandar Tun Razak constituency in southeastern Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Its exact location is next to the Cheras Sentral shopping mall, which is at Federal Route 1 Jalan Cheras near the northern end of the Cheras-Kajang Expressway, close to the Federal Territory Kuala Lumpur-Selangor border.

The station is also near to the Cheras-Kajang Interchange at the Sungai Besi-Ulu Kelang Elevated Expressway (SUKE) which is currently under construction. The elevated expressway will be even higher than the MRT track which is pretty high from the road.

It was opened on 17 July 2017, along with 19 adjoining stations (from Muzium Negara to Kajang) as part of Phase 2 of the system.

The station was thus provisionally named Phoenix Plaza station during construction. Plaza Phoenix was the former name of the Cheras Sentral Shopping Centre.

Station Background[edit]

Station Layout[edit]

The station has a layout and design similar to that of most other elevated stations on the line (except the terminus and underground stations), with the platform level on the topmost floor, consisting of two sheltered side platforms along a double tracked line and a single concourse housing ticketing facilities between the ground level and the platform level. All levels are linked by lifts, stairways and escalators.

L2 Platform Level Side platform
Platform 1 Kajang Line 9 towards Kajang  KG35  (→)
Platform 2 Kajang Line 9 towards Kwasa Damansara  KG04  (←)
Side platform
L1 Concourse Faregates, Ticketing Machines, Customer Service Office, Station Control, Shops, pedestrian linkway to Cheras Sentral and Entrance C
Entrance C Feeder Bus Stop, Taxi and E-hailing lay-by, Jalan 3/144A
G Ground Level Entrances A and B, Feeder Bus Stops, Taxi and E-hailing lay-by, Jalan Cheras

Exits and entrances[edit]

The station has three entrances - Entrance A and Entrance B on either side of Jalan Cheras, and Entrance C at Jalan 3/144A inside Taman Connaught. A link bridge also connects the station via the link bridges to Entrance A and Entrance C with the Cheras Sentral Shopping Mall.

Each entrance will have separate feeder bus service lines. Therefore, passengers are advised to ensure the correct entrance for the feeder bus line which they are going.

Kajang Line station
Entrance Location Destination Picture
A West side of Jalan Cheras Feeder bus stop, Cheras Sentral Shopping Mall (Ground Floor), Silka Cheras Hotel
B East side of Jalan Cheras Feeder bus stop
C North side of Jalan 3/114A Feeder bus stop, Cheria Heights Apartments
Cheras Sentral Linkway Cheras Sentral 3rd Floor Cheras Sentral Shopping Mall

Bus Services[edit]

Feeder Bus Services[edit]

With the opening of the MRT Kajang Line, feeder buses also began operating linking the station with several housing areas around the Taman Connaught, Sungai Besi, Cheras Awana and Alam Damai area.

The feeder bus lines in this station are operating in each of the entrances. Therefore, passengers are advised to ensure the correct entrance for the feeder bus line which they are going.

MRT Feeder Bus Services at MRT Taman Connaught Station
Route No. Origin Destination Via
T410[1]  KG26  MRT Taman Connaught

(Entrance A)

 SP15  KB04  KT2  Bandar Tasik Selatan LRT/KTM/ERL and returns to  KG26  Taman Connaught (Entrance B)

SALAK Expressway corridor

Desa Tun Razak

Taman Taynton View

T411[2]  KG26  MRT Taman Connaught

(Entrance B)

Taman Cheras Awana Cheras-Kajang Expressway

Jalan Medan Masria

Jalan Coop Cuepacs JB

Persiaran Awana

Federal Route 1 Jalan Cheras

T412[3]  KG26  MRT Taman Connaught

(Entrance C)

Alam Damai Jalan 1/144A

Jalan 2/154

Jalan Desa Cheras

Persiaran Alam Damai

Jalan Alam Damai

Other Bus Services[edit]

The MRT Taman Connaught station also provides accessibility for some other bus services.

Route No. Operator Origin Destination Via Notes
450[4] Rapid KL Hentian Kajang Hub Lebuh Pudu Reko Sentral

Bandar Kajang

 KG34  MRT Stadium Kajang

 KG31  MRT Bukit Dukung

Jalan Hulu Langat

Batu 9 Cheras / Taman Suntex

Cheras Sentral /  KG26  MRT Taman Connaught

Jalan Cheras

 KG24  MRT Taman Midah

 KG22  AG13  Maluri Station

Jalan Pasar

Jalan Pudu

For KL-bound only. The bus stops at Cheras Sentral bus stop.

Planned Interchange[edit]

Taman Connaught station, or rather Plaza Phoenix station, was initially planned to be an interchange between the MRT Kajang Line and the MRT Putrajaya Line when the MRT lines were first announced. The alignments were later changed to the MRT Tun Razak Exchange station instead.


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