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Tamar Science Park

Coordinates: 50°25′03″N 4°06′32″W / 50.41750°N 4.10889°W / 50.41750; -4.10889 Plymouth Science Park is a science and technology park located in Plymouth, in southern England.

The park was incorporated in 1995, with two principal stakeholders and founding partners – Plymouth City Council and the University of Plymouth. The science park is situated in to the north of Plymouth at Derriford, 7 km from the city centre. The site is on 30 acres 200,000 sq ft (19,000 m2) of occupiable space, with 6.2 acres still to be developed.


  • 1996 – Hyperbaric Centre
  • 1998 – Phase 1
  • 2001 – Phase 2
  • 2004 – Phase 3
  • 2006 – Peninsula College of Medicine & Dentistry
  • 2008 – Phase 4 (stage 1)
  • 2010 – Phase 6, Dental School commenced build

Clients are 80 resident businesses, including University of Plymouth spin-outs. The clients have 800 employees and £65m combined turnover.


  • Business mentoring, diagnostic and action planning
  • Business support workshops
  • Flexible working space
  • A data centre
  • Conferencing facilities, including video conferencing
  • On-site bistro and Launch Pad pre-incubation facility
  • Break out areas for formal and informal networking
  • Links with schools, FE and HE institutions in Plymouth
  • The Baylis Conference Centre
  • The Drake Conference facility
  • ParkCentral Bistro

Local and regional links[edit]

  • £36m GVA contributed to local and regional economy (1998 – 2008)
  • Features in Plymouth City Council’s Local Economic Strategy

• Founder member and previous chair of South West Science Park and Incubator Managers’ Forum

  • Management contracts in Devon and Cornwall with Torbay and Pool Innovation Centres
  • Plymouth Commercial Sites and Property Group chaired by TSP
  • Links with Local Plymouth Strategic Partnership

National links[edit]

  • TSP increasingly benchmarked against by national science parks
  • TSP chairs the UK Science Park Association (UKSPA) ICT Practitioners’ Forum
  • TSP formerly held chair and director positions with UKSPA
  • Member of UK Business Incubation and winner of the 2007 UKSPA peer award for Excellence in Technology Transfer and Partnership Working

International links[edit]

  • Links with and a partner in international knowledge transfer initiatives such as CHAIN (Channel Innovation Network)
  • Relationships with overseas science park community

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