Tamara Davis

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Tamara Davis

Tamara Davis, 2015.jpg
Tamara Davis in 2015
EducationUniversity of New South Wales
Scientific career
FieldsAstrophysics, cosmology
InstitutionsUniversity of Queensland

Tamara Maree Davis AM is an Australian astrophysicist. As of 2020, she is a professor in the School of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Queensland,[1] where she has been employed since 2008.[2][3]

The Australian Academy of Science awarded her their Nancy Millis Medal in 2015,[4] and she was awarded an Australian Laureate Fellowship in 2018,[5]. She received the Astronomical Society of Australia's Louise Webster Prize in 2009,[6][7] and their Robert Ellery Lectureship in 2021.[8] She became a Member of the Order of Australia in 2020.[9]

As an athlete, Davis has competed for Australia at an international level in Ultimate Frisbee.[10]


Davis completed her Ph.D in astrophysics[3] at the University of New South Wales in 2004.[2] She also has a BSc in physics and a BA in philosophy.[3]


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