Tamara Faith Berger

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Tamara Faith Berger
OccupationNovelist, writer
Notable worksMaidenhead (2012)
Notable awardsThe Believer Book Award (2012)
SpouseClement Virgo

Tamara Faith Berger is a Canadian author and novelist. She is best known for her novel Maidenhead, which won the Believer Book Award in 2012.[1] Berger is a self-described feminist.[2]

After completing her bachelor's degree, she worked as an writer of pornographic stories.[2] Her themes include women's desire and sexuality, often describing obscene scenarios.[2] Many of her novels explore issues of race and class. Her literary influences include Georges Bataille and Judy Blume.[3]

Her debut novel Lie With Me was adapted into a 2006 film by her husband, the filmmaker Clement Virgo.[4]


  • Lie With Me (2001)
  • The Way of the Whore (2004)
  • A Woman Alone at Night (2007)
  • Maidenhead (2012)
  • Kuntalini (2016)
  • King Solomon (2018)


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