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Tamara Dawnell Keith (born September 25, 1979[1][2]) is a NPR White House Correspondent and co-host, with Scott Detrow, of the NPR Politics Podcast,[3] joining as a business reporter in 2009.[4] In addition to business and economics, she has covered a range of other major news events, including the earthquake in Haiti.[4] She also hosted “B-side Radio", a 72-episode public radio podcast, from 2001 until 2010.[5] Keith also regularly appears on the PBS NewsHour weekly segment Politics Monday.

Keith, in 2007, received first-place in the category "Outstanding Story, Radio" for "Overcrowded Prisons' Wastewater Poses Environmental Hazard (Mule Creek Prison)" on The California Report from the Society of Environmental Journalists in the sixth annual contest.[6]


Keith's family moved to Hanford, California, when she was eight years old, where she grew up. She started in radio as a "teen essayist" for NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday.[4] She graduated from high school early.[citation needed] She received a bachelor's degree in Philosophy from University of California, Berkeley in three years[citation needed] and enrolled at the Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism at age 19.[2] Keith has a graduate degree in journalism from the University of California, Berkeley.[4] She has worked for KQED,[4] WOSU-FM,[4] and KPCC.[4]

Keith's husband is a cancer researcher and veterinarian.[4]


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