Tamarack Ski Area (Troy, Idaho)

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This article is about the former modest ski area in Latah County, Idaho. For the resort in Valley County, see Tamarack Resort.
Tamarack Ski Area
Tamarack Ski Area is located in the US
Tamarack Ski Area
Tamarack Ski Area
Location in the United States
Location East Moscow Mountain
Latah County, Idaho, U.S.
Nearest city Troy - 7 mi (11 km)
Moscow - 17 mi (27 km)
Coordinates 46°48′10″N 116°49′46″W / 46.8029°N 116.8295°W / 46.8029; -116.8295 (Tamarack Ski Area)Coordinates: 46°48′10″N 116°49′46″W / 46.8029°N 116.8295°W / 46.8029; -116.8295 (Tamarack Ski Area)
Vertical    600 ft (180 m)
Top elevation 4,400 ft (1,340 m) AMSL
Base elevation 3,800 ft (1,160 m)
Lift system 1 T-bar
1 rope tow
Snowmaking none
Night skiing none

Tamarack Ski Area is a former ski area in the western United States, located in north central Idaho, 7 miles (11 km) northwest of Troy in Latah County.


Tamarack Ski Area patch from the collection of Steven R. Shook.

It was founded in 1966 just below the summit of East Moscow Mountain on Tamarack Road, its slopes faced east and southeast.[1] The area had various owners and, due to varying snowfall, was open intermittently for several decades.[2][3][4] The land on which the ski area operated was owned by the city of Troy.[5][6] It operated two surface lifts: a T-bar and a rope tow, with a vertical drop of 600 feet (180 m). A three-story A-frame structure served as the day lodge.[7] Tamarack's target market was Moscow and Pullman, Washington, and primarily its respective students at the University of Idaho and Washington State University.


Owed back taxes, Latah County seized the leasehold improvements (equipment & buildings) and put up for auction in February 1992, but there were no takers for the minimum bid of $21,000. The city of Troy sued the leaseholders and entered in an agreement with the county to pay the back taxes after the sale of the T-bar lift in April, which started at a minimum bid of $1,900. [6] The lift was purchased by Cottonwood Butte ski area near Cottonwood; Tamarack's A-frame day lodge was later demolished[8] and its foundation removed.[9][10]


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