Tamatoa V

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Tamatoa V
King of Raiatea and Taha'a
Tamatoa V.jpg
King Tamatoa V of Raiatea
Reign19 August 1857 – 8 February 1871
Coronation1 December 1860
PredecessorTamatoa IV
Born23 September 1842
Died30 September 1881 (aged 39)
SpouseMoe Ma-hea-nu'u-a-Mai
Issuetwo sons and four daughters
Full name
Tamatoa-a-tu Pōmare
HouseHouse of Pōmare
MotherPōmare IV

Tamatoa V, born Tamatoa-a-tu Pōmare, (23 September 1842, Moorea – 30 September 1881, Pape'ete), King of Raiatea and Taha'a, was a son of Queen Pōmare IV of Tahiti.[1]


Adopted by Tamatoa IV King of Raiatea and Tah'aa, he succeeded him on 19 August 1857 and crowned at Opoa by The Rev. Platt, 1 December 1860. Deposed on 8 February 1871. He married to Moe Ma-hea-nu'u-a-Mai (Princess Moe-a-Mai) (elder daughter of Te-He-papai Ma-hea-nu'u-a-Mai, of Fa'a'ā, Judge of the High Court, Pastor and Member of the Supreme Council of Churches) and had two sons and four daughters:[2][3]

  • Prince Teri’i-‘o-uru-maona-tane Pomare (12 July 1867 – 15 December 1872), designated Crown Prince of Tahiti as Pōmare VI in eventual succession to his uncle Pōmare V.
  • Princess Teri’i-vae-tua-vahine Pomare (22 September 1869 – 4 December 1918), designated Heiress Presumptive of the Crown of Tahiti on the death of her older brother (15 December 1872), later designated Heiress Apparent in succession to Pōmare V (24 September 1877), in preference to any children that Queen Marau might give birth. Married 29 April 1884 (divorced 21 January 1893) to Teri’itonorua Norman Brander.
  • Princess Ari‘i-‘otare Teri‘i-maevarua III (28 May 1871 – 19 November 1932), last Queen of Bora Bora.
  • Prince Tamatoa-tane (22 September 1872 – 25 August 1873).
  • Princess Teri’inavahoroa-vahine Tamatoa Pomare Matauira (7 November 1877 – 3 December 1918), married firstly 27 August 1896 to ‘Opuhara Salmon (d. 6 August 1908) and secondly 24 December 1910 to Teuraiterai Mote Salmon (d. 21 April 1926), her brother-in-law.
  • Princess ‘O ‘Aimata Teri’i-vahine-i-titaua-‘o-ote-ra’i (29 June 1879 – 3 April 1894).

He died at Pape'ete, 30 September 1881. He was succeeded by Tahitoe, a member of the cadet branch of the Tamatoa Royal Family.

When George Herbert, 13th Earl of Pembroke visited the islands with Dr. George Henry Kingsley in 1870, he was stricken by his wife's charm and beauty and referred to the king and queen as "Beauty and the Beast."[4]



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Regnal titles
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Tamatoa IV
King of Raiatea
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